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Group Leader Handbook

This handbook prepares students to lead small discussion groups in large lecture classes. Instructors may also want to access the Group Leader Training Materials, which provide an overview of training new group leaders.

conneXions (2008). Articles>Education>Mentoring>Collaboration


Manual for Writing Mentors

This manual discusses the role of student writing mentors and the processes of consulting on student papers, giving feedback, and grading. The manual provides specific examples of working with students who are assigned to write critical summaries of research articles.

conneXions (2008). Articles>Education>Mentoring>Writing


Mutual Mentoring: An Editorial Philosophy for a New Scholarly Journal   (PDF)

Aside from Writing Program Administration, the WPA journal, very little scholarly work about—or interest in—the topic of academic program administration has been manifested in the rhetoric-related disciplines. We believe that a mutual mentoring approach is an effective way to develop our community’s sense of the importance of program administration work as a scholarly endeavor in its own right.

Kitalong, Karla Saari. Programmatic Perspectives (2009). Articles>Education>Mentoring>Collaboration


What School Can't Teach You About Technical Communication: An Ethnographic Inquiry   (PDF)

Because the workplace is a different kind of discourse community than the classroom, young professionals are unprepared for such workplace realities as the required use of a bureaucratic style, fragmented and reiterative research and review, and a lack of clear direction. Organizations should explicitly address these training needs through providing effective writing examples, writing-focused orientation, and mentoring in communications.

Malone, Elizabeth L. STC Proceedings (1994). Articles>Education>Mentoring>Workplace


The Year of Living Dangerously; or, Not Just an Adventure, but a Job

Mentored teaching experience helps, especially in composition, business and technical writing, and introductory courses of the kind junior faculty members at small schools are typically required to teach.

Gadzinski, Eric. ADE Bulletin (1996). Articles>Education>Mentoring

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