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Inspiring Reviewers to Review Your Documents

To obtain good reviews, you must make the process as painless as possible for reviewers.

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Ten Tips for Getting Your Reviews Done

As a technical writer, it is not enough to document something and send it out for reviews. You must take the ownership of getting your work reviewed and incorporating the inputs from reviews. Getting your reviews done is a common challenge and, thereby, a pet excuse for the lack of accuracy and quality in documentation. This article discusses tips to help you optimize the review cycle by managing your deliverables (organization, format, content), time (deadlines), and stakeholders (developers, managers).

Machani, Sridhar. Indus (2009). Articles>Editing>Collaboration>SMEs


Top Four Steps to Solicit Perfect Documentation Reviews

To get the best possible reviews from subject matter experts (SMEs), we tech writers can prepare, make our expectations clear and help our reviewers excel at their job. Soliciting documentation reviews from SMEs can be tricky: They are usually very busy, juggling dozens of tasks, while putting off several more. The last thing they need is a writer to waltz into their office making a demand on their time. Here’s what I do to get an SME to review a manual of 100 pages or 25,000 words. It doesn’t work always, but it’s worth a try – they are the experts after all.

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