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All About Madcap Flare

Madcap Flare is one of the most powerful online help authoring tools on the market today. In this podcast, Paul Pehrson, MVP in the Madcap Software forums, talks about Madcap Flare in depth.

Pehrson, Paul and Tom H. Johnson. Tech Writer Voices (2008). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


Best Practice Flare: High Definition PDF

Having introduced the concept of high definition PDF's output straight from Flare's source files with minimal post-production, we can now start to dig into the technologies that are used to produce it.

Tech Write Tips (2006). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


Flare 5: Adding Advanced HTMLHelp Features

Flare current provides the majority of HTMLHelp settings, and does this in a much more flexible way that HTMLHelp workshop does. Particularly useful are the WYSIWYG help window size and potitioning. However, there are some advanced HTMLHelp settings (such as advanced help, or remembering the users last help settings) that are not currently available.

Tech Write Tips (2006). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


Problems with Flare 2.0

I've noticed the following bugs in Flare 2.0. Before reading through these, please note that this page is not intended to give an impression of Flare (it would give a very bad impression). It's just a list of problems and irritations with a fairly new piece of software. All new software has problems and irritations, many of which quickly get fixed. Despite the negative nature of this list my overwhelming view of Flare is positive.

ITauthor (2007). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


Ten Things To Love About Flare 4

The team at MadCap Software has been working on the next version of Flare for several months now, and I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the beta testers who has had an early sneak-peak at what Flare 4 has to offer. Finally, after months of testing, I’m ready to share some of the latest and greatest features that will shortly be available in Flare 4.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2008). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


When the “Right” Tool Isn’t the “Best” Tool

I ended up picking an inferior (in my opinion) tool, HTML and JavaScript because it was the right tool for this project. While I think Flare is a better tool overall, in this case, it wasn’t the right fit.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2010). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare

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