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Communicating User Experience Design

When trying to communicate the process of user centred design to senior managers it helps to convey the idea as concisely as possible. This infographic conveys the various steps and phases of user centred design on a single page.

Travis, David. UserFocus (2009). Articles>Communication>User Experience>Usability


Conversing Well Across Channels

Whether you call it cross-channel experience or multichannel experience, the reality is that customers interact with companies through more than one channel, so it’s important for us to understand cross-channel customer behavior.

Jones, Colleen. UXmatters (2009). Articles>Communication>Collaboration>User Experience


Influencing Business Strategy Through Design

The great divide between the business side and the design side of organizations is shrinking. What started out as an internal training course for a group of Yahoo! designers has since touched hundreds of designers seeking to break free of design pigeonholes, striving to make a greater impact on business strategies within organizations and in agencies.

Wroblewski, Luke. UX Magazine (2010). Articles>Management>Business Communication>User Experience


Why People Matter

I view a user experience as a conversation between people separated over the distance of time. At one end of that conversation are those who create the product; at the other, the people who use it. In between is the product itself--with a design that either helps or hinders; creates a barrier-free interaction or shouts in an unfamiliar language. Because this conversation does not happen in real time, we are not there to smooth over the rough spots and make sure that we have spoken clearly. Instead, we have to build our understanding of those users into every aspect of the design, by putting people--users--at the center of the design process.

Quesenbery, Whitney. UXmatters (2005). Articles>User Experience>Communication>User Centered Design


UX (User Experience) vs CX (Customer Experience)

Customers should have the freedom to engage with any brand via any channel—whether that be in the store, phone or online—and receive a consistent experience. The channels should also interact with each other, and that is why UX and CX work together.

UXmas (2013). Articles>User Experience>Business Communication

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