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How To Effectively Communicate With Developers

If you have ever worked with a developer or a development team, this article will probably strike close to home. As designers, we work with dozens of developers across the globe each year. Some of us are fortunate enough to find a gem; a developer that just gets it. A developer that you feel is on your same wavelength in terms of what needs to be accomplished with the user interface, and what it needs to happen. Most often, however, we find developers that we generally don’t see eye to eye with.

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Praise: The Worst Feedback You Can Give Developers?

If developers only hears about bugs, problems, quirks, errors, and other issues, where’s the motivation to code? In a recent post on Joel on Software, Joel Spolsky stresses the importance of giving positive feedback to developers, not just negative. But there was no where to log my praise in our bug tracking system.

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