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How to Write Successful Direct Marketing Letters    (PDF)

Direct marketing in the form of direct mail is used by almost every company whether it is the local service station or shoe repair shop or a Fortune 500 company. Unlike documentation that instructs or describes a process, marketing materials must persuade as well as inform. Increasingly, technical communicators’ responsibilities are being expanded to include marketing materials such as advertisements and direct mail. Writing successful direct marketing letters or advertisements can be easier by using a 10-point guide that uses the principles of attracting attention, arousing interest. creating desire and asking for action.

Smith, Gem. STC Proceedings (1999). Articles>Business Communication>Correspondence>Marketing


Incompetent Email Marketing = Lost Future Opportunities

Lack of personalization made an email newsletter completely useless to the recipient, damaging long-term customer relationship efforts.

Nielsen, Jakob. Alertbox (2006). Articles>Business Communication>Correspondence>Marketing

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