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Accessible Online Video for Keyboard-Only Users

Sorted out transcripts and subtitles to make your online videos accessible? This is important, but there are other accessibility considerations which are often overlooked. Here are some other things you must consider.

Moss, Trenton. Webcredible (2009). Articles>Accessibility>Video>Web Design


From the Mouth of a Screenreader

Talks about the history of screen reading software and how they analyse what is displayed on the screen in order to speak it to the user.

Geoffray, Doug. Yahoo (2007). Articles>Web Design>Accessibility>Video


Weer Not Bad Spelerz

Whether you are a new caption viewer or someone who has been using captions for many years, as you watch captioning, the thought may cross your mind that the captioner either (a) is from a foreign country and has little facility in spelling or (b) is a lazy typist who doesn't want to check their spelling some of the time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

White, Patty. Caption Colorado (2009). Articles>Accessibility>Video


What is Unclear About Captioning?

Does your business know about the need for captioning?This recent article might be a wake-up call for people in the United States: Who is Required to Close-Caption? With only a few exceptions, all programming for broadcast in the United States must be closed captioned. Fortunately, the article includes the FCC fact sheet for more closed captioning information.

Mardahl, Karen and Lisa Pappas. STC AccessAbility SIG (2010). Articles>Multimedia>Accessibility>Video

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