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PageMaker was one of the earliest desktop publishing applications, introduced in 1985 by Aldus Corporation initially for the Apple Macintosh but soon after also for the PC. In 1994 Aldus was acquired by Adobe Systems. The last version of PageMaker was PageMaker 7.0, released in 2001. It has been superceded by more structured applications, such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Adobe FrameMaker.



Adobe PageMaker 7.0  (link broken)   (PDF)   (members only)

Wallia reviews the latest version of Adobe's desktop publishing software.

Wallia, C.J.S. Intercom (2001). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Adobe PageMaker Tutorials  (link broken)

Links to numerous tutorials in Adobe PageMaker desktop publishing.

Adobe. Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


A Color Management in PageMaker  (link broken)

Establishing color control on the desktop can prove to be a frustrating task. And when you're dealing with color-critical customers or just plain want decent color, that's not the best situation. This PDF by Scott Olswold and Rick Dumont explains the fundamentals behind color management and then applies this discussion in terms of PageMaker.

Olswold, Scott. Makingpages.org (2002). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Felicitous Frames  (link broken)   (PDF)

There are plenty of things in life worth fearing, but frame-based layout isn't one of them. If you've been using PageMaker 6.5 but haven't explored frames yet, here's your chance to find out just how much fun you've been missing.

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Full-Blast PageMaker   (PDF)

The next best thing to buying a new system: getting the most out of PageMaker's performance on the one you have.

Cutler, Jim. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Getting the Lead In   (PDF)

Working with leading grids can make your PageMaker layouts faster, easier, and better-looking - and you don't even have to be Swiss.

Cole, Tim. Adobe Magazine (1995). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Hyperlinking Documents in PageMaker

These four supertips deal with adding links to your Adobe® PageMaker® 7.0 online documents: * Learn how to create anchors and simple page-to-page links. * Explore linking to external URLs using the Hyperlinks palette. * Drag links from Netscape Navigator directly onto elements on PageMaker document pages. * Create automatic tables of contents and index links for PageMaker documents that are exported to Adobe Acrobat® PDF files.

Adobe (2003). Design>Content Management>Document Design>Adobe PageMaker


Learning PageMaker

One way to learn PageMaker is just to use it. If you have experience in publishing, PageMaker is designed to be familiar to you, like using a light table. There are a few 'gotchas,' of course, but if you're an experienced publisher, learning PageMaker should be a snap. It's a complex program. But the good news is that PageMaker is a lot easier to learn than competing products like QuarkXPress. In addition to the obvious — the PAGEMAKR mailing list — you may want to take advantage of the many training materials available. In 1985, desktop publishing was brand new and unexplored territory. Today, millions of people use desktop publishing software worldwide. Of course, there's a lot more to learning desktop publishing than learning PageMaker: there's typesetting and graphic design, for starters.

Adams, Peter C.S. Makingpages.org (2002). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Merge Records With a Publication

Tired of copying and pasting when doing mass mailings? Take advantage of the new data merge feature in Adobe® PageMaker® to create form letters, envelopes, or mailing labels from records. The following steps show you how to use the data merge feature.

Adobe (2003). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


PageMaker Archaeology   (PDF)

Opening somebody else's PageMaker publication? Here's an explorer's guide to the discoveries and dangers that may be lurking.

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


PageMaker for Desktop Publishers

The home page of the PAGEMAKR mailing list, an internet resource for desktop publishers, particularly users of Adobe PageMaker software. Our subscription base varies in size from 1,400–2,000, with a core of wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful members. Mail messages can be received as they are posted or once daily as a digest. You will find subscription instructions on the subscription help page, or you can write to a listowner at pagemakr-request@listserv.iupui.edu.

Makingpages.org. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe PageMaker


PageMaker Past, Present, and Future

For millennia, humans have struggled to communicate, first with grunts and sign language, then with speech. But it was when humans learned to write that civilization became possible. First we painted on cave walls, then chiseled in stone, then wrote on more practical and portable things, like wood, papyrus, and finally paper. Hand printing ink on paper was the state of the art for hundreds of years until mechanical inventing was invented, first with engraving and then with movable type. But setting type with metal was still slow, dangerous, and difficult work. This was not dramatically changed until the twentieth century with machines like the Mergenthaler and Linotype. In 1984, the state of the art was phototypesetting on large, complex machines that were expensive and where what you was was nothing like what you would get. Then three companies -- Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, and the Aldus Corporation -- changed everything.

Adams, Peter C.S. Makingpages.org (2002). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


PageMaker Scripting for Non-Programmers

Scripting is simply a method of automating complex or time-consuming tasks in PageMaker.

Haugen, Diane. Document Design (2001). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


A PageMaker to PDF: Converting Your PageMaker Files  (link broken)

A three-page manual for creating Acrobat PDF files from page-layout files.

Carpenter, Amy. TECHWR-L (2009). Articles>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Playing Tag   (PDF)

Lots of people don't know about PageMaker's support for tagged text - and they're missing out.

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1995). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Preflight Publications for Perfect Printing

Want to make friends with your service bureau and printer? Just bring them perfect files every time. Use the Save for Service Provider plug-in built into Adobe® PageMaker® 7.0 , and you’ll never have to worry about last-minute calls from your service bureau or printer again. Here’s an example of how you can use this plug-in.

Adobe (2003). Design>Publishing>Document Design>Adobe PageMaker


Rules of the Game   (PDF)

PageMaker's paragraph rules feature lets you attach lines to paragraphs. So what? Watch this ...

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1995). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Set Up Records For a Smooth Merger

Instantly generate documents, such as mailing labels, form letters, or envelopes, with the new data merge feature in Adobe® PageMaker®. Using data from spreadsheets, databases, or text editors, you can merge multiple records into one publication. These steps explain how to prepare records so that they merge flawlessly in your publication.

Adobe (2003). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Simplify Your Life With Templates

Adobe® PageMaker® 7.0 includes more than 300 templates. Just open the Templates palette, select a category, choose a template, replace the placeholders with your content, and you’re done. You’ll get professional-looking results every time without fussing over special layouts or worrying about choosing appropriate fonts.

Adobe (2003). Design>Publishing>Document Design>Adobe PageMaker


Total Control: The Next Generation   (PDF)

There's never been a better time to free yourself from boring, repetitive tasks using PageMaker's scripting language.

Kvern, Olav Martin. Adobe Magazine (1995). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Troubleshooting PageMaker Documents

This document will attempt to tell you what causes corruption, how to prevent it, and — if it’s already too late — how to attempt recovery. There are even a couple of tips for when you can’t open the document at all. There are also some links to other documents that may be of interest. Finally, you can download some scripts that may help you.

Kvern, Olav Martin, Gordon Woolf, Carol Majors, Christine Hummel, Kristina McCook and Peter C.S. Adams. Makingpages.org (2002). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker


Using Layers Creatively

Adobe® PageMaker® 7.0 includes a powerful Layers tool with countless applications—we’ll show you three in this tip: 1. Multiple versions 2. Quick arrangement of layers from top to bottom 3. Layered communication—'stick-on' notes

Adobe (2003). Design>Document Design>Software>Adobe PageMaker

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