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A to Z(ee) with P3P

When you build websites that rely on cookies and they are expected to work with privacy settings other than default, you’ll have to deal with P3P. Read on to find out about the cornerstones of the Platform for Privacy Preferences, and get your hands dirty with an example guiding you from empty hands to a complete basic implementation.

Willerich, Matthias. Content with Style. Articles>Web Design>Privacy>Standards


Figure Microformats

An image, a caption and the image credit. That can't be hard to get the associations right, can it? Delve into the discussion about markup, semantics and microformats of a seemingly simple issue.

Willerich, Matthias. Content with Style (2007). Articles>Information Design>Standards>HTML


MVC in Smaller Web Applications

MVC (Model, View, Controller) is an attempt to structure a web application into three components.

Willerich, Matthias. Content with Style (2005). Design>Web Design>Server Side Includes

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