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Wersan, Fred

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Altova Authentic: Tip of the Iceberg   (PDF)

Reviews Altova Authentic, a free, WYSIWYG, Windows-based, forms-based XML editor.

Wersan, Fred. Intercom (2004). Design>Information Design>Software>XML


Do-It-Yourself Single-Sourcing   (PDF)

In recent years, countless articles and conference workshops have touted single sourcing as the Holy Grail of technical writing. Countless articles and conference workshops have also told us that XML is our means to achieving the Grail. However, in the absence of any off-the-shelf products that facilitate XML and single sourcing in our current work environments, I suspect that most people, particularly in smaller companies, believe that implementing XML is too technically daunting, too expensive, or both.

Wersan, Fred. Intercom (2003). Design>Content Management>Single Sourcing

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