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A Call to Action for Web Managers: Blow the Whistle

We had a huge, unruly Web site. It just had different graphics, a better-named Web team and more people shoveling on content and applications. Finally, out of desperation, we decided to try a new-fangled thing called a Web content management system.

Welchman, Lisa. WelchmanPierpoint (2009). Articles>Web Design>Content Management>Case Studies


The Five Biggest Mistakes in CMS Selection

Describes the big 'gotchas' in choosing a web content management system.

Welchman, Lisa. CMSwatch (2003). Articles>Content Management>Assessment


Is Web 2.0 a Cult?

I decided to take a deeper look at Web 2.0 and its followers to see if indeed a cult had formed. In the spirit of 2.0, I’m using Wikipedia content as my sole source for definitions of terms. And, in order to stay within the concentration limit and scientific method of the social networking community, I’ll only take a quick tweet-speed look at three cult characteristics as a sample: Mind Control, Love-Bombing and Coercive Persuasion and then come to a conclusion.

Welchman, Lisa. WelchmanPierpoint (2009). Articles>Web Design>Social Networking


Moving from Web Management to Information Management: Four Things You Can Do Now

Web Managers must think globally (information) and act locally (Web) all the while trying to widen your universe and build the internal business relationships which will allow your organization to manage its information more holistically now or in the future.

Welchman, Lisa. WelchmanPierpoint (2009). Articles>Content Management>Content Strategy>Information Design


Stopping the Infighting About Digital Standards

Organizations that struggle with their digital presence often do so because they haven’t established proper governance. But good governance is worth pursuing: clear policies and processes can answer questions, empower teams, and enable web strategies to shine. In this excerpt from Chapter 5 of Managing Chaos, Lisa Welchman explains the importance of digital standards—what they are, why they matter for governance, and how to start documenting them for your stakeholders.

Welchman, Lisa. List Apart, A (2015). Articles>Project Management>Web Design>Standards

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