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Weise Moeller, Elizabeth A.

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Defining The Control Level When Designing Hypermedia Training   (PDF)

Before coding any part of a hypermedia computer-based training (CBT) system, designers need to decide how much control their users should have over their individual paths through the system. Designers can choose from three different levels of control within a hypermedia CBT system: complete computer control, complete user control, and adaptive computer control. Each level of control is suited to different types of audiences and system goals. Current research provides some guidelines for designers—showing which types of audiences and system goals are suited to which methods of control.

Weise Moeller, Elizabeth A. STC Proceedings (1994). Presentations>Information Design>Hypertext


Designing a Hypermedia Program: Early Planning Stages   (PDF)

The personal computer has had a significant impact on the delivery of educational material. Hypermedia systems give students the ability to explore concepts in innovative ways. Unfortunately, it appears that many hypermedia designers have ignored the critical early planning stages. This paper provides an overview of three of those planning stages: audience analysis, system goals analysis, and control analysis.

Weise Moeller, Elizabeth A. STC Proceedings (1995). Articles>Information Design>Hypertext


Usability for All

With a small budget to create a website, many small businesses bypass usability testing. While it is not always possible to do a full-blown usability test on a small website, there are steps that website developers can take to help make sure users are not ignored during the process.

Weise Moeller, Elizabeth A. IEEE PCS (2005). Design>Web Design>Usability>User Centered Design


Usability: A Web Trend for the Future?   (PDF)

The Cool Factor still rules in the world of Web design. A holdover from the early days of the browser wars, designers are used to producing non-standard HTML code so that a site is viewable in all browsers. Now, there is a growing feeling that usable sites are boring sites. This paper presents results of a pilot study seeking to determine what business owners want in their web sites. The results clearly show the need for education—and the need for more research.

Weise Moeller, Elizabeth A. STC Proceedings (2002). Design>Web Design>Usability

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