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Analyzing Your Traffic   (PDF)

Discover your site’s findability triumphs and tragedies with traffic analysis systems.

Walter, Aarron. Building Findable Websites (2008). Articles>Web Design>Audience Analysis>Log Analysis


Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid   (PDF)

Desperation, ignorance, and a moral compass that doesn’t point due north often get perfectly logical, good people and companies in trouble with search engines. Because being listed high in search results is such a desirable goal to attain, many people search for shortcuts to the front of the line—which can land them in serious trouble.

Walter, Aarron. Building Findable Websites (2008). Articles>Web Design>Search Engine Optimization


Brighter Horizons for Web Education

Our young medium is still ironing out a few kinks—perhaps the biggest of which is the way budding web professionals are being educated. Schools that teach web design struggle to keep pace with our industry, and those just starting their curricula often set off in the wrong direction because the breadth and depth of our medium can be daunting.

Walter, Aarron. List Apart, A (2009). Articles>Web Design>Industry and Academy>Education


Building Viral Marketing Tools   (PDF)

One of the best ways to spread the word about your website is to let your audience do it for you.

Walter, Aarron. Building Findable Websites (2008). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Social Networking


Deconstructing the Design Process

The way to overcome the pressure of a new design is by breaking the process into smaller parts, and defining a step by step strategy that allows you to address each issue of the design separately rather than as a daunting whole. Instead of one monolithic problem, you have lots of small, more manageable problems. Breaking each problem out will also help you arrive at better design results as you will have given close consideration to all aspects of the problem.

Walter, Aarron. AarronWalter.com (2007). Design>Project Management>Advice


Findability, Orphan of the Web Design Industry

Findability is to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as 'web standards' is to 'table layouts.' In a web whose vastness exceeds comprehension, sites with findable content win. The good news is that everyone on your team can help make your site findable.

Walter, Aarron. List Apart, A (2008). Articles>Web Design>Usability


Findability/SEO Cheat Sheet: Quick Guide to Web Standards SEO

A findability strategy cheat sheet that will guide you through all of the stuff you should be doing when creating new websites or even redesign existing ones.

Walter, Aarron. AarronWalter.com (2008). Articles>Web Design>Usability>Search Engine Optimization


Free Search Engine Tools and Services   (PDF)

You can communicate information about your site to search engines and see your site from their perspective using some free services and utilities from Yahoo! and Google.

Walter, Aarron. Building Findable Websites (2008). Articles>Web Design>Search>Search Engine Optimization


Moving Towards Accessible Development

Below is a bit of an accessibility round up of a few useful tools, articles, sites, and informative podcasts about the topic that may help inform/convince you about the importance of accessibility.

Walter, Aarron. AarronWalter.com (2006). Articles>Web Design>Accessibility


Personality in Design

Our lasting relationships center around the unique qualities and perspectives we all possess. We call it personality. Through our personalities, we express the entire gamut of human emotion. Personality is the mysterious force that attracts us to certain people and repels us from others. Because personality greatly influences our decision-making process, it can be a powerful tool in design.

Walter, Aarron. List Apart, A (2011). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>User Experience


Places to Promote Your Site   (PDF)

You’ve built a great site-now get the word out! There are plenty of places where you can promote your site for free.

Walter, Aarron. Building Findable Websites (2008). Articles>Web Design>Search Engine Optimization

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