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Vincent Zegna

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Blogging Explained

Over the past 14 years blogging has evolved from crude and blunt internet ramblings, technical or inspired dialogues to a diverse and creative web phenomenon capable of calling the world's media to scrutiny, and no longer the province of late-night diarists but increasingly a platform and media release opportunity for industry and commerce.

Vincent Zegna. Sonet Digital (2006). Articles>Education>Writing>Blogging


The Internet Explained   (peer-reviewed)

The exponential growth of the Internet has been phenomenal. Or has it? Perhaps it is only to be expected when the cumulative acts of creation culminate in the proliferation of Mankind's greatest achievement: the ability to communicate... Some 45 years ago the search for knowledge was no less insatiable but the storage, collation, selection and retrieval technologies were rudimentary and the expense enormous by today's standards....

Zegna, Vincent. Search and Go (2005). Articles>Internet>Technology

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