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Better Search Engine Design: Beyond Algorithms

Search engine accuracy is important, but convenience may be more important than squeezing the last few ounces of performance out of your system. Peter Van Dijck demonstrates simple but effective query analysis, best bets, and controlled vocabularies -- tools to make your search engines more effective.

Van Dijck, Peter. O'Reilly and Associates (2004). Articles>Web Design>Search>Controlled Vocabulary


The Problem(s) With Sitemaps

I believe the most important thing to consider when building a sitemap is what kind of experience do you want to give the user.

Van Dijck, Peter. evolt (2000). Design>Web Design>Information Design>Sitemaps


A Sitemap on Every Page

About how to use a sitemap on all of one's web pages. Includes some statistics, that you will see below, that encourage rethinking navigation on small web sites. A sitemap on every page is an interesting idea. I've only seen this done in a few cases, and usually it is not done well. However, Peter obviously spent some time working on his and he solicited feedback form users.

Van Dijck, Peter. WebWord (2000). Design>Web Design>Information Design>Sitemaps


XFML Links

Links to various XFML related resources.

Van Dijck, Peter. XFML.org. Design>Web Design>Information Design>XFML

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