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Szuc, Daniel and Josephine Wong

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Achieving Design Focus: An Approach to Design Workshops

Stakeholders with business, design, and technology viewpoints can pull products in different design directions—sometimes without knowing how the design work fits into an overall strategy. This can leave stakeholders feeling lost and unhappy. Creating a focus around design goals and asking and answering the hard design questions as a team is an effective way of coalescing a team around one design direction. At the same time, it can create a more optimal and fun working environment.

Szuc, Daniel and Josephine Wong. UXmatters (2010). Articles>Collaboration>Content Strategy>User Experience


User Experience Design in Asia

Over the last few months, as 2010 started winding down, we had the good fortune to travel around Asia to places that included Nanjing and Guangzhou, in China; Singapore, for UX Singapore; and Taipei, Taiwan. We ran workshops, gave presentations, met with members of the local UX communities, and of course, enjoyed the good Asian food that usually gets wrapped around our travel experiences in Asia. Our experiences have given us a deeper understanding of the state of UX design in Asia. Now that we’re back in Hong Kong—to refresh before our travels start again in 2011—we’ve taken the time to reflect on the people we’ve met and the conversations we’ve had over the last few months.

Szuc, Daniel and Josephine Wong. UXmatters (2011). Articles>User Experience>Regional>Asia

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