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Authoring in XML -- Why Start?

As techcom professionals, we have been talking about authoring in XML for a very long time. At first, it was a lot of hype about a format that required major programming skills and had zero tools’ support, but that is now changing. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tools that support XML and a standard called DITA that is in constant development to support content publishing for different industries. As a result, more and more companies seem to be embracing this content format.If you are a writer or techcom manager who is encouraging your company to make this change, then what do you need to know to prepare?

Stuhlemmer, Barbara. TechCom Manager (2008). Articles>Writing>XML>DITA


Content Management: When Do We Need It?

By ensuring a document process is put in place and all people in your company know where to find information, how to request changes, update, and distribute new content, and who has the permission to manage the content you will be well on your way to having a viable content management system. Adding the software to automatically manage the content will only come when core principles of the organization require it.

Stuhlemmer, Barbara. ClearComm Information Design (2008). Articles>Content Management


Converting to XML: Some Point-Form Pros and Cons

I have recently converted some user documents from MS Word to XML for a medical device company with the intent that they would be looking at authoring their future end-user documentation (printed, embedded, and online) in XML. I want to share with you some of the triumphs and challenges we had met along the way.

Stuhlemmer, Barbara. ClearComm Information Design (2007). Articles>Information Design>XML>Case Studies


Saving Money With Virtual Teams and Working at a Distance Without Travel

In this article, I will identify some of the tools we have used to bring together contractors, writers, and clients for our projects. Often, to determine a tool’s value, I will use a trial version. Some tools are very valuable but cost more, while others are functional and free. Although I cannot recommend which tools are best for your organization, I do recommend trying those tools that might fit your needs.

Stuhlemmer, Barbara. TechCom Manager (2009). Careers>Collaboration>Telecommuting>Teleconferencing


What They're Saying About CMS and XML

Assuming the tools are now within the range of an average small to medium business and all the other costs associated with implementation are still there, what incentive is there for a business to want to change to CMS or XML?

Stuhlemmer, Barbara. ClearComm Information Design (2007). Articles>Content Management>XML

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