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Afraid So: Horrible Web Monstrosities

Here they come. Nightmare web sites that, from a usability perspective, are horrid monsters. When you're tired and in a hurry, you want a web site to quickly and easily provide relevant content to you, so you can solve a problem or perform some task. Discover common hideous impediments to web usability. WARNING: Not for the faint hearted!

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Usability>User Centered Design


All the Secrets to Generating Creativity in Literature

NOT for the timid--here are proven, guaranteed, simple ways to create writing that is off-the-wall original. Why be mediocre? Now you can quickly and easily become innovative, bizarre, and distinctive. The "born writer" theorists and "author-worshipers", the non-deconstructionists, will HATE this article.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Writing


Altruistic vs. Narcissistic Web Sites

Users are repulsed by web sites that are narcissistic, egotistic, corporate-speak, hard to understand, and difficult to use. Users are attracted to and enjoy web sites that are altruistic, user-prioritized, user-focused, easy to understand, easy to use, and full of fresh, relevant content.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>User Centered Design>Usability


A Bad Site: Martha Stewart Gets "Vasperized"

Even public relations web sites must be user-centered in design and content. Narcissistic, arrogant PR sites are counter-productive in the digital age of transparency, fault-admission, and altruism via shared information. Find out why Martha Talks is a web site failure from a usability and ethics point of view.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Public Relations>Marketing


Banned from Other Blog Sites

Freedom of expression is not ruling the blogosphere, because insecure bloggers will block your attempt to post comments, or even read their blog, should they decide you are "too controversial" or "too different from me". Opinionated blogs are the worst culprits of cowardly post blocking.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Writing>Blogging


A Basic Guide to Power Blogging

Blogs (web logs, online journals) are nearly mandatory now. From presidential candidates and CEOs to avid hobbyists and local clubs, blogs are being used to share ideas and opinions. As the next new communications/community building/marketing tool beyond conventional web sites, blogs offer a more dynamic, timely, and personal interactive experience. Join over 4 million other bloggers by following these easy steps to Power Blogging.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Publishing>Online>Blogging


Beyond the Blog: Wikis and Blikis

Blogs are about to give way to a new development. Wikis are web sites within which any user can quickly and easily edit much of the content, without HTML. This idea regarding user-generated online content goes beyond the comment posting of a standard blog. Blikis are blogs that have wiki support, so that users can edit the comments posted.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2005). Articles>Web Design>Wikis>Blogging


Blog Voice: How to Command Attention

With over 4 million distinct blog voices in the blogosphere, how can you differentiate yourself? By being an interesting voice. Interesting voices are made, not born, and now you can learn some ways to become more interesting and influential in blogdom. CAUTION: not for boring blah blah blah bloggers who are smug and self-satisfied.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Writing>Blogging


Buzzwords vs. Benefits

Buzzwords obscure, confuse, or evade. Benefits sell products and ideas. If you use too many buzzwords too often, most educated audiences will conclude you lack the ability to be clear, truthful, or direct. Never assume everyone understands your esoteric language. If you don't know what you're doing, stop doing it. If you do know, state it clearly and simply.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Communication>Business Communication>Language


CEO Blogs: Polish Them Up Please

CEO Blogs should be vastly superior to any other run of the mill blogs on the web. But in many cases, they're worse. Discover 10 common errors made by CEO bloggers and how to correct them. Plus, a link to a wiki-compiled list of current CEO blogs.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2005). Articles>Writing>Public Relations>Blogging


Characteristics of Web Site Content

Web site content must be recrudescent, repositorial, refluent, and rectilinear. What? Here's an innovative treatment of the essential attributes of online text. Find out why great web site content generally has these 14 characteristics that start with a "R".

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2005). Articles>Web Design>Content Management>Usability


Comment Spammers: Internet Pigs and How They Feed

Comment spam is irrelevant, unethical, or unwanted commercial-oriented message propagation on comment posting pages of blogs and web sites. Comment spam is invading every interactive and community building aspect of the internet and web. What you need to do to protect yourself and to stop this attack by "internet pigs."

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Discussion Forum>Spam


Content Hypertext Spam

Hiding a commercial ad in editorial text is the latest form of internet garbage. Content Hypertext Spam refers to a link within an article that users assume will lead to relevant content, further information on the topic. Wrong. It deceptively leads to an irrelevant site that tries to sell something. Discover the 14 reasons why this new gimmick is damaging to users and webmasters alike.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Web Design>Spam


Converting Print Read to Web Scan Text

Web sites are full of print media text. Shame on them. Users are in a hurry. They hate dense blocks of lengthy blabbering. They ignore most text on their hunt for Relevant Content. Find out how to convert Print Read text into easily consumed information for the web.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Scanning>Writing


Customer Service IS a Profit Center

If you provide after the sale customer service reluctantly, or delegate it to outsourced, but cheaper, providers, you're making a huge mistake. Customer service generates revenue via word of mouth, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and repeat purchases by satisfied customers.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Quality>Marketing


Dangers of Personal Blogging

Bloggers who recklessly gush all types of personal details in their blogs may regret it. Stalkers, child predators, identity theft criminals, fanatics, and others are seeking photos and names of children, home addresses, home phone numbers, etc. Learn about the Dark Side of blogging and be smart.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2005). Articles>Writing>Security>Blogging


Designing High Fidelity Home Pages

A high fidelity home page is one that simply and clearly communicates an accurate, complete, and favorable impression of your organization and its products. An effective home page will also display your intimate understanding of, and desire to fully accommodate, the actual needs and interests of users.

Streight, Steven. Usability Interface (2004). Design>Web Design>Usability


Dumbing Down vs. Simplicity

Never assume that describing something in basic, simple, fundamental terms will annoy your audience. Dumbing down is a form of distortion and possibly deception. Simplifying and clarifying are forms of altruistic communication. Find out more about the differences between "dumbing down" and simplifying and clarifying...and how to decide how simple an explanation should be.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Documentation>Writing>Business Communication


Dysfunctional Forms Syndrome

Prevent major user annoyance by checking all your web forms: feedback, comment posting, product orders, newsletter sign-up, newsletter opt-in, unsubscribe option, site registration, etc. When a form won't submit, or otherwise fails, after user inputs lots of data, it causes extreme ill will toward your web site, and may be legal violation (UCE laws).

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Web Design>Forms>Usability


Earthlink Scores Big: TV, Web, Core Values

A recent Earthlink TV commercial demonstrates how a company can use humor, sci fi, innovation, and benefit oriented brand marketing to please and inform customers. Plus, a great web site and high quality ethical core beliefs and values. Very user-centered.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Technology>Marketing>E Commerce


Eight Web Usability Killers

Many web sites considered robust and healthy by their owners may be suffering from one of these eight life-threatening diseases.

Streight, Steven. Webcredible (2004). Design>Web Design>Usability


Forum Topic Titles: How To Write Them

Internet discussion forums contain topic titles that are vague, silly, amateur, too long, or too emotional. How to write clear, relevant, succinct topic titles that command attention and attract replies that can provide the answer you seek.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Internet>Discussion Forum>Writing


How to Create and Promote a Blog in Eight Easy Steps

A new buzzword you should know about is 'blog' or 'web log', meaning web log, digital journal, or online diary. Blogs are the Next Big Thing to hit the Internet, after conventional Web Sites.

Streight, Steven. Usability Interface (2005). Articles>Web Design>User Centered Design>Blogging


Mentally Correct Product Promo Priorities

Use reponsivity to command or coax customers into acting on your offer.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing


Power Emails: How to Write Them

Most emails have lousy subject lines, are too wordy, and probably are deleted unread, read but not responded to, or filtered out as spam. Learn how to avoid these fates by composing Power Emails that are legal, ethical, and effective.

Streight, Steven. Blogger.com (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Correspondence>Rhetoric



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