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Stertzbach, Lori A.

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Electronic Mentoring Benefits for Practicing Communicators   (PDF)

Electronic mentoring establishes relationships that might not otherwise exist. You have the opportunity to participate in professional community service, remain current on communication issues, and develop a future employment pool.

Stertzbach, Lori A. STC Proceedings (1996). Careers>Mentoring>TC


Providing Mentor Opportunities for Students and Professionals   (PDF)

Mentorships provide an opportunity for students and new professionals to increase their career awareness by interacting with experienced technical communicators. STC chapters can develop mentor programs that facilitate this important professional development activity.

Stertzbach, Lori A. STC Proceedings (1995). Presentations>Management>Mentoring


Researching and Planning an SGML Implementation   (PDF)

The potential benefits of re-usable, portable information have many organizations contemplating a move to a Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) environment. A successful SGML implementation requires thorough research to identify project goals and requirements as well as a formal implementation plan.

Stertzbach, Lori A. STC Proceedings (1996). Presentations>Information Design>SGML


Using Wellness Assessment in Career Planning   (PDF)

Wellness assessment provides a means of adding balance to our lives. When approached from an occupational perspective, wellness is a useful tool in career planning and skill assessment. A basic understanding of wellness can provide the foundation for helping technical communicators better define their career options.

Stertzbach, Lori A. and Sharlyn A. Dimick. STC Proceedings (1997). Careers>TC>Assessment

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