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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Independent Contracting   (PDF)

With the decline of employer loyalty to employees and the move to outsource peripheral functions, many technical communicators are exploring the possibility of becoming an independent contractor. Although much emphasis has been given to marketing and negotiation skills, there are pitfalls awaiting the entrepreneur who leaps before looking. Among these pitfalls for former corporate employees are structuring time and dealing with isolation. Success as an independent is measured by how well he/she deals with these intangible issues.

Smith, Gem. STC Proceedings (1997). Careers>Consulting>Contracts


How to Write Successful Direct Marketing Letters    (PDF)

Direct marketing in the form of direct mail is used by almost every company whether it is the local service station or shoe repair shop or a Fortune 500 company. Unlike documentation that instructs or describes a process, marketing materials must persuade as well as inform. Increasingly, technical communicators’ responsibilities are being expanded to include marketing materials such as advertisements and direct mail. Writing successful direct marketing letters or advertisements can be easier by using a 10-point guide that uses the principles of attracting attention, arousing interest. creating desire and asking for action.

Smith, Gem. STC Proceedings (1999). Articles>Business Communication>Correspondence>Marketing


Whither Your Business? In Pursuit of Policy and Procedure Assignments   (PDF)

If work coming in the door is not bringing in enough income or is just not satisfying, it may be time to cultivate new clients. However, moving into an unfamiliar field presents a new set of challenges. How do you navigate your way into that field? How do you demonstrate your credentials? A step-by-step method does exist. It requires research to identify the right niche and more research to focus on the right customers. Only after sufficient information has been gathered is action appropriate.

Smith, Gem. STC Proceedings (1998). Careers>Freelance>Marketing

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