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Companies Using DITA

Here is my informal list of firms that are using DITA XML in some form in their documentation efforts. The table is dynamic, so you can search for a particular company by name, industry segment, look up the descriptive Wikipedia link for that organization if it exists, or track down the location of DITA-using firms close to where you live.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. DITAWriter (2014). Resources>Directories>XML>DITA


Debugging JavaScript Using Venkman

Most people who do even a little bit of JavaScript programming, even those who are simply tweaking somebody else’s code, are familiar with the rudimentary JavaScript debugger in the recent versions of Internet Explorer. Click on the yellow warning icon in your browser, and you get a listing of various JavaScript errors in your code. It is simple, and for many people it is enough, but it’s not really the type of fully-fledged debugging environment with features programmers have come to expect in other development languages. If you find yourself doing a lot of JavaScript programming or tweaking and you are concerned with cross-browser support for your scripts, then Venkman is worth checking out.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. WebRef (2003). Design>Web Design>Programming>DHTML


DITA 1.3 and Improved Table Accessibility for Screen Readers

One of the ideas that appears on the DITA 1.3 project tracking website has to do with extending the existing table model so that outputted tables are more accessible for those using spoken-word browsers. Oddly enough, this proposal provides more than just a brief description as to how it is supposed to work, so I have pieced together a brief overview as to how I think it is supposed to work.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. DITAWriter (2014). Articles>Accessibility>XML>DITA


DITA XML and Accessibility: An Interview with Robert Johnson II

DITA 1.3 is scheduled to include enhancements that expand the options for implementing accessibility in tables to match the options available in HTML. While it's good to enhance the flexibility of DITA, authors also need to remember to keep table design simple.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. DITAWriter (2014). Articles>Interviews>Accessibility>DITA


List of DITA Optimized Editors

DITA is XML, so any XML editor can be used to write DITA code. But that doesn’t mean every XML editor is best suited for the job of producing DITA. As DITA has grown in popularity in the technical writing field, the market has matured and a number of XML editors have appeared that are in some way optimized for creating documentation based in DITA.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. DITAWriter (2014). Resources>Software>XML>DITA


Technical Writing Jobs Back on the Rise in U.S.

After two years in the doldrums, technical writing jobs in the US are on the rise.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. DITAWriter (2014). Careers>Writing>Technical Writing

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