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An Overview of Single Sourcing with an XML Content Management System

Creating an XML-based Content Management System to single-source technical publications is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3. OK, maybe it isn't quite that easy, but this article discusses how it can be done.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Content Management>Documentation>XML


Another Year, Another Award

We are proud to announce that, for the seventh year in a row, our online, wiki-based, publication, the Carolina Communiqué, has been awarded an APEX Award of Excellence!

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2014). Articles


Communiqué on the Go

There's no denying it: mobile computing is here to stay. And as professionals who develop content, it is up to us to ensure that the content we do develop is able to be used on mobile devices.

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2010). Articles>Technology>Online


Content Management Glossary

An interactive glossary of terms from content management systems.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Content Management>Glossary


Getting Social with the New MySTC Network

Rick Sapir, STC Carolina webmaster and designer of the newsletter web site, introduces you to the MySTC social network, which helps you connect with other technical writing professionals

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2011). Articles>Technology>Social Networking>Interaction Design


Happy Birthday Communiqué

Provides a recap of how the online, wiki-based Carolina Communique evolved and won an Award of Excellence in the Newsletters: Web & Online category of the 2008 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2008). Articles>Content Management>Newsletters>Wikis


Hot, Hot, Hot: Using Heat Maps to Improve Usability

For a website, a heat map is a graphical representation of where visitors interact with the page. The more interaction (i.e., clicks) the "hotter" that area is. This is especially useful in determining what parts of the page attract the most visitors.

Sapir, Rick. Usability Interface (2009). Articles>Web Design>Usability>Eye Tracking


How to Create an RSS Feed for any HTML Page

How can you create an RSS for a specific HTML page, especially if the page-create software or web host doesn't provide an automated method. This article discusses how to use a screen scraper to quickly and easily create a RSS feed for any HTML page.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Information Design>XML>RSS


How We Publish the Communiqué as an Ebook

There's no doubt that mobile is here is to stay. While having a mobile-pretty (a/k/a adaptive or responsive design) makes the Communiqué easier to read on your phone or other mobile device, there are some advantages to having a self-contained ebook.

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2014). Articles>Publishing>Online>eBooks


Instant Ebooks

Previously, I've shown you how we create create these ebook issues. But what if you don't want to wait for the quarterly issue? What if you want to download a single article to your favorite mobile device...right now? Well, now you can!

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2014). Resources>Publishing>eBooks


Integrating Javadoc (API Reference) with JavaHelp (Online Help): Two Approaches

Although online help (either task-based or UI-centric) and API reference documents serve different purposes, there are times when you may want to at least create associations between the two or at most merge them into one system.

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2004). Articles>Documentation>Online


Introducing the Triangle Employment Network

If you haven't visited the Carolina Chapter's Job Bank and Employment Resources in a while, you're in for a surprise. We have reworked the entire section, making it more useful for job seekers and easier for employers to add or update their information.

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2015). Reference>Careers>Employment Agencies


We Did It Again!

The Carolina Communiqué, our online, wiki-based, publication, has been awarded an APEX Award of Excellence (for the eighth straight year... not that we're counting!). The APEX (Awards for Publication Excellence) award is an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media.

Sapir, Rick. Carolina Communique (2015). Articles>TC>TC


Writing Documentation and Help for Eclipse Projects and Plugins

Eclipse is an open-source community. One of its primary projects is the creation of 'an extensible development platform...for building software.' This platform takes shape in the Eclipse workbench, a Java-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Sapir, Rick. KeyContent.org (2006). Articles>Documentation>Software>Java

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