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Certification - Why We Need to Begin    (PDF)

I believe certification of technical communicators is unavoidable, given the current status of related professions and our technological environment. Either the STC develops a certification program, or someone else will do it.

Rosenberg, Nad. Intercom (2008). Articles>Certification>TC>Professionalism


Offshoring: What Does It Mean for Us?   (PDF)

Summarizes a discussion about offshoring held at the Philadelphia Metro chapter's annual conference during which panelists suggested ways that technical communicators based in the United States can make their positions more secure.

Rosenberg, Nad. Intercom (2004). Careers>TC>Outsourcing>Offshoring


Ten Tips for a Better Manual

If the manual is for novices, make sure that the average person can understand what has been written (that is, don't include a lot of jargon or technical assumptions). This is sometimes very difficult for a writer who is a subject matter expert. He or she may have forgotten what it's like to know absolutely nothing about that particular subject.

Rosenberg, Nad. TechWRITE (2004). Articles>Documentation>Advice


Ten Ways to Save Money When Publishing a Manual

Several hints on how to produce professional documentation less expensively.

Rosenberg, Nad. TechWRITE (2005). Articles>Documentation>Financial>Project Management


Tips and Tricks for Including AVI (Video) Demos in Your Online Tutorial   (PDF)

This presentation focuses on creating video demonstrations of software for online tutorials, using AVI files, and Inserting these files into Windows Help or HTML.

Rosenberg, Nad. STC Orange County (1998). Presentations>Documentation>Multimedia>Video


Tools and Techniques for Working with Subject-Matter Experts   (PDF)

Technical editor or writer needs to close the gap between the subject matter expert and the novice. A close collaboration between the technical editor and the expert results in better manuals.

Rosenberg, Nad. TechWRITE (2007). Presentations>Collaboration>SMEs


Tools and Techniques for Working with Subject-Matter Experts to Create Plain Language Manuals   (PDF)

This paper discusses tools and techniques for editors and writers who need to work with subject matter experts (i.e., engineers, programmers, accountants, etc.) to create plain language manuals.

Rosenberg, Nad. Clarity (2008). Articles>Documentation>SMEs>Minimalism


The Under-Appreciated Art of Proofreading

Although I hate to sound like a Luddite, the automatic tools are no guarantee that your document will be error free. Here are a few proofreading tips that may help you eliminate some common errors.

Rosenberg, Nad. TechWRITE (2006). Articles>Editing>Collaboration


Which Type of Online Manual is Best for You

So, the mandate has come down from senior management to "put those manuals online!" Now what do you do? As you know, there are many types of online manuals—but which is best for your situation? This article discusses the options.

Rosenberg, Nad. TechWRITE (2004). Articles>Documentation>Online>Methods

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