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Accesskeys: Unlocking Hidden Navigation

Your favorite applications have shortcut keys. So can your site, thanks to the XHTML accesskey attribute. Accesskeys make sites more accessible for people who cannot use a mouse. Unfortunately, almost no designer uses accesskeys, because, unless they View Source, most visitors can’t tell that you’ve put these nifty navigational shortcuts to work on your site. Stuart Robertson unlocks the secret of providing visible accesskey shortcuts.

Robertson, Stuart. List Apart, A (2003). Design>Web Design>Information Design


CSS Design: Custom Underlines

While web designers generally have a great deal of control over how a document should be presented, basic CSS doesn't provide many options for the style of underlines below the links on a page. But with a few nips and tucks, you can take back creative control of the way your links look.

Robertson, Stuart. List Apart, A (2004). Design>Web Design>CSS


Night of the Image Map

CSS design from beyond the grave: all the secret ingredients you’ll need to resurrect the image map using CSS and structurally sensible XHTML.

Robertson, Stuart. List Apart, A (2003). Design>Web Design>Interactive>CSS

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