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Roberts, Suzanne S.

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Managing Technology Transfer: Issues for Scientific Communicators   (PDF)

Technology transfer is arguably one of the greatest communication opportunities of our day. In this panel presentation, we will define technology transfer terms and issues, identify technology transfer issues in private industry as well as in government R & D labs, and discus how today’s technical communicators can play a key role in technology transfer.

Cuba, Laurence L., Rich McGillick, Suzanne S. Roberts, Donna G. Roper and David Schuelke. STC Proceedings (1995). Presentations>Scientific Communication>Technology>Technology Transfer


The Rhetoric Of Technology Transfer   (PDF)

Socializing technology is the rhetorical goal of technology transfer. Specialists from many walks of the technical communication profession can participate in this goal by involving themselves in key processes such as developing market awareness, creating inreach and outreach programs, and facilitating collaborative ventures. Similarly, those communicators involved in designing databases, electronic networks, and information architectures are well positioned to make important contributions to the technology transfer industry.

Roberts, Suzanne S. STC Proceedings (1994). Presentations>Technology


Technology Transfer: An Unparalleled Opportunity for Technical Writing Professionals   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

This nation does not effectively transfer expensively acquired knowledge into cost-effective, labor-saving tools and processes.

Roberts, Suzanne S. IEEE PCS (1991). Articles>Knowledge Management>Technical Writing>Technology Transfer

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