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Richardson, Verna

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Creating A Paradigm Shift In Managers And Professionals Who Use Standards   (PDF)

Organizational standards are often just a set of documents put into place for auditors or regulatory bodies. In such instances, the standards usually do not reflect current practices, which are passed along by word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, even if the information is up-to-date, it may not be easily retrievable by the person in immediate need of it. In a hospital setting, this situation can be extremely costly. It can also provide immense opportunities for the technical communicator to become a vital part of a cross-functional team.

Richardson, Verna. STC Proceedings (1994). Presentations>Writing>Policies and Procedures


Online Reference: The Ultimate in User-Friendly Documentation   (PDF)

This teaching hospital in Texas has successfully implemented an online reference system that allows access to nearly 14,000 employees in more than 20 cities. A cross-functional project team was formed to address the needfor immediate access to current policies and procedures across the entire enterprise. This team researched, developed, and implemented an effective and successful system that was also easy to learn and use.

Richardson, Verna. STC Proceedings (1997). Articles>Documentation>Biomedical>Online

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