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Here Be Content

I have always liked the idea of medieval mapmakers using the phrase "Here Be Dragons" to denote unexplored or dangerous territories. Sticking a fire-breathing reptile in documentation when you run out of facts? That’s panache. These days, people aren’t so stylish. When an information architect (or user experience designer) doesn’t have the time (or the talent) to document content requirements, they stick a "page stack" on their site map.

Rach, Melissa. Brain Traffic (2009). Articles>Web Design>Information Design>Sitemaps


The Value of Content, Part 1: Adam Smith Never Expected This

Most people understand that content has value. Big value. They just can’t prove or measure the ROI. And, therefore, they have no concept of how much content is worth. Proving and measuring the value of content is complex. But, as content professionals, we have to do it. I have some ideas about how to do it, but before I even go there, let’s talk about why everybody is so confused in the first place.

Rach, Melissa. Brain Traffic Blog (2009). Articles>Content Management>Assessment


The Value of Content, Part 2: Nobody’s Perfect

I wish I could give you a simple, foolproof way to make all your content measurement dreams come true. Unfortunately, there’s no magic app or secret mathematical equation that does all the work. Sure, there are tools that streamline the measurement process, but no matter how many fancy widgets you buy, measuring content value will still take a significant amount of time and attention. Measuring content value is important to content strategists, but it’s not just a content strategy issue. It’s one of the most important business discussions of the information age.

Rach, Melissa. Brain Traffic Blog (2011). Articles>Content Management>Assessment

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