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All About Madcap Flare

Madcap Flare is one of the most powerful online help authoring tools on the market today. In this podcast, Paul Pehrson, MVP in the Madcap Software forums, talks about Madcap Flare in depth.

Pehrson, Paul and Tom H. Johnson. Tech Writer Voices (2008). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


Analysis of Team Design Review

Every other team meeting, three team members get 30 minutes each to talk about projects they are working on, and they get to demonstrate some of the cool things they are integrating into the project. As a team, we look at the project and both learn from what they’ve done, and make suggestions on how they might improve the project.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2009). Articles>Collaboration>Graphic Design>Assessment


Breaking up with Ubuntu

Good luck, Ubuntu. I wish you well. But now just doesn’t seem like the right time for me and you. You don’t work for me, and Windows 7 does. But thanks. It was fun (kind of) while it lasted.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2010). Articles>Software>Open Source>Linux


Creating Snippets from Multiple Blocks in Flare

When you are writing content in Flare, you may decide that you want to re-use some content that you previously added to another topic. We’ve discussed before how the best way to do this is to use a snippet, which essentially is a really long, formatted variable. To do this in Flare, you create a new snippet, then you locate the text you want to re-use, and copy the text out of that topic and paste it into the snippet. Then you replace the text in the original topic with the snippet, then insert the snippet into the new location.

Pehrson, Paul. DocGuy Training (2009). Articles>Documentation>Technical Writing>Madcap Flare


Image Maps for Help System Navigation

One of my goals was to make it easy to get help for using specific parts of our application. Users don’t need to know the name of the panel or feature they are trying to use. They just need to know where they are working on the screen, and they can click through to get the help that discusses that part of the screen.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2009). Articles>Documentation>Information Design>Technical Illustration


Review: Pre-Release Review of Flare V5

Soon MadCap Software will be releasing the next major version in the Flare product line, Flare V5. I’ve been beta testing Flare 5 for a couple of months now, and there are some great new features in Flare 5 that you are going to love. In this review, I want to point out some of my favorite new features, as well as some of Flare 5’s other great enhancements.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2009). Articles>Reviews>Documentation>Madcap Flare


The STC Crisis: The Take of a "Young" Writer

As a “young” technical writer, I thought I might share some of my feelings on the STC crisis. First, a little background on me. I knew while I was in college that I wanted to be a technical writer after graduation. I switched to an English major for that purpose, and picked classes that gave me a “technical communication emphasis”. I joined STC while I was in college because I wanted to connect with people in my field. I got a chapter scholarship to attend a regional STC conference, and had a great time meeting people who did for a living what I was studying.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2009). Organizations>TC>Community Building>STC


Ten Things To Love About Flare 4

The team at MadCap Software has been working on the next version of Flare for several months now, and I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the beta testers who has had an early sneak-peak at what Flare 4 has to offer. Finally, after months of testing, I’m ready to share some of the latest and greatest features that will shortly be available in Flare 4.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2008). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare


Twitter and Tech Communication

Twitter can be a great tool, and can help people get answers quickly. However, when you have a question and need an answer, you probably ought to consider your question, and determine what channel is best suited for the type of answer you need. That may or may not be Twitter.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2009). Articles>TC>Technical Writing>Social Networking


When the “Right” Tool Isn’t the “Best” Tool

I ended up picking an inferior (in my opinion) tool, HTML and JavaScript because it was the right tool for this project. While I think Flare is a better tool overall, in this case, it wasn’t the right fit.

Pehrson, Paul. Technically Speaking (2010). Articles>Documentation>Software>Madcap Flare

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