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Olsson, Tommy

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Bezględnie Względny

Pozycjonowanie z kolei jest jednym z najczęściej mylnie interpretowanych aspektów wersji 2 CSS. Przyjrzyjmy się zatem nieco bliżej temu, jak ono działa.

Olsson, Tommy. Grabun.com (2004). (Polish) Articles>Web Design>Document Design>CSS


CSS Hizalama

Hizalama ise CSS 2’nin belki de en yanlış anlaşılmış bölümlerinden biridir. Şimdi nasıl çalıştıklarına biraz daha yakından bakalım.

Olsson, Tommy. Cnkt (2004). (Turkish) Articles>Web Design>Document Design>CSS


Forward Towards the Past  (link broken)

I'm reading worrying things about the discussions about the next version of HTML, known as HTML5. It looks to me as if things are going in the wrong direction. Oh, and in order not to disappoint long-time readers there'll be a little barb against XHTML pretenders at the end of the article.

Olsson, Tommy. Autistic Cuckoo, The (2007). Articles>Web Design>Standards>HTML5


Is HTML 5 a Slippery Slope?

Tommy Olsson comments on the possibility of backwards compatibility and standardised error handling being bad for overall code quality.

Olsson, Tommy. 456 Berea Street (2007). Articles>Web Design>Standards>HTML5


Relatively Absolute  (link broken)

Positioning is perhaps one of the most misunderstood parts of CSS 2. Let us look a little closer at how it works. Mirror of: http://www.autisticcuckoo.net/archive.php?id=2004/12/07/relatively-absolute

Olsson, Tommy. Autistic Cuckoo, The (2004). Articles>Web Design>Document Design>CSS

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