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Review: Conversation and Community by Anne Gentle

Offers a strong recommendation to read Anne Gentle’s Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation, which provides tips for incorporating wikislices, screencasts, and comment/feedback systems, into your user assistance.

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Review: DITA 101 by Anne Rockley, Steve Manning, and Charles Cooper

This review strongly recommends DITA 101 for its clear presentation of DITA basics, with practical examples and easy to understand language. Previously, authors and managers would need to have read the full technical specification to attempt to gather such information.

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How to Bring Web 2.0 to User Assistance (and Vice-Versa)

In Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation, Anne Gentle offers tips for mashing up user-generated content with user assistance, including ways to bring Web 2.0 to user assistance, and vice-versa.

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Peer Review Checklist for Writers

The peer review checklist involves completing a copy edit, completing a content edit, and then meeting with the writer to discuss your suggestions. Complete all sections of this checklist during the document’s peer review. (Someone other than the writer should complete the checklist.) Plan on spending at least one full day on the peer review, perhaps longer, depending on the size of the document.

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A Technical and Marketing Communication Blog: Content for a Convergent World

At a recent conference, Hillel Cooperman, who formerly directed the Windows user interface team at Microsoft, and is the more recent founder of Jackson Fish Market, proposed that “software and content are becoming so intertwined, there’s no longer much point in drawing any distinction.” Exploring this “content-software convergence,” or in broader terms, this communications-technology convergence, is the purpose of this blog. In addition to technical communication (my primary area of expertise) and technology, I examine related disciplines, topics, and trends, including content marketing, user experience, instructional design, and most recently (and very enthusiastically)—social media.

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