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Miller, Susan G

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Creating a Unified Web Site Design for the School of Technology at Purdue University  (link broken)   (PDF)

The problem with any poorly designed web site is inconsistency. As a web designer or developer, one must create a web site as a finite, predictable universe with a specific set of standards and design specifications. When visitors go to any given page on a site, they should be able to recognize that they’re in the same site. The main focus of this paper outlines how a unified web site design was created for the School of Technology at Purdue University. In developing unified web sites it is important to have visual hints throughout a given site such as consistent typefaces for specific needs, consistent color palettes, and consistent placement and layout.

Miller, Susan G. STC Proceedings (2000). Presentations>Web Design>Usability


Effective Trends and Techniques for Integrating Type and Images   (PDF)

The integration of type and images can create a visual/verbal message for both print and on-line. To create this visual-verbal message, two problems must be resolved. First, visual organization is a problem, for two totally unlike systems of communication that must be merged into a cohesive whole. The second problem involves message making. These two unlike communication systems must come together to reinforce and extend one another. To effectively integrate type and images together it is essential to have a strong understanding of the elements and principles of design.

Miller, Susan G. STC Proceedings (2001). Presentations>Typography


Selecting and Combining Typefaces  (link broken)   (PDF)

One of the most often asked question about type is: Which typefaces work well together? Finding the right combination of typefaces can make the difference between a good design and a great one. But with so many faces to choose from, how do you decide which ones will look best together? Although typeface selection is a very personal subjective decision, this paper will address several strategies that will help narrow down the search and ultimately help make the most effective type combinations.

Miller, Susan G. STC Proceedings (2002). Design>Typography


Teaching Eye-Catching Informational Graphics to Technical Graphic Students at Purdue University   (PDF)

Exploring creative solutions is the key for producing eye-catching informational graphics that grab attention and work in print and on-line. The Department of Technical Graphics at Purdue University offers a basic design course that focuses on informational graphics along with visual hierarchy and the integration of type and images. Students are acquainted to informational graphics as a method to illustrate data aesthetically so it explains, convinces, supports, and makes comparisons. This paper outlines how basic informational graphics is introduced to students who have little or no prior knowledge to creating eye-catching charts.

Miller, Susan G. STC Proceedings (1999). Articles>Education>Technical Illustration

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