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The Affective Domain and the Writing Process: Working Definitions   (peer-reviewed)

Since the time of classical Greece, we have been accustomed to viewing humans as both thinking and feeling individuals. The dichotomy of cognition and affect is so ingrained in Western thought that it seems a natural one; the two elements have seldom, however, been deemed equally important in the scientific community. During the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, psychology gave primacy to affect; humans were thought to be at the mercy of various drives and passions. As behaviorism became more domiúnant in the field, affect was discounted; indeed, there were those who wished to exclude affect from scientific study altogether. More recently, with the ascendancy of cognitive psychology, humans have been viewed as problem-solvers whose thinking processes operate rather like a computer. Often in such a view, affect is seen as “a regrettable flaw in an otherwise perfect cognitive machine” (Scherer 293). But most researchers who study human behavior and human nature agree that the views of both extremes—emphasizing only affect or only cognition—are undesirable.

McLeod, Susan H. JAC (1991). Articles>Rhetoric>Theory


Strengthening Programs for Writing Across the Curriculum   (peer-reviewed)

This collection of thoughtful, thoroughly grounded essays explores the design of writing-across-the-curriculum programs in new and maturing programs. The collection also contains an appendix listing the results of the first comprehensive survey of writing-across-the-curriculum programs in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

McLeod, Susan H. Academic.Writing (1988). Books>Education>Writing Across the Curriculum>Writing


Writing Across the Curriculum in International Contexts: An Introduction   (PDF)   (peer-reviewed)

As is the case with the first-year composition class, we tend to think of WAC programs as an exclusively U.S. phenomenon, or at least a North American phenomenon.

McLeod, Susan H. LLAD (2001). Articles>Education>Writing Across the Curriculum>International


Writing Across the Curriculum: A Guide to Developing Programs   (peer-reviewed)

Addressing the design, funding, operation, and underlying pedagogical principles of WAC programs, this comprehensive collection of essays offers important advice to WAC program designers and teachers. In 12 chapters, the contributors to this important collection discuss issues including program design, writing in the disciplines, writing to learn, writing-intensive courses, and the relationships among WAC programs, first-year writing programs, general education, and writing centers.

McLeod, Susan H. and Margot Soven, eds. Academic.Writing (1992). Books>Writing>Writing Across the Curriculum

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