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Massa, Jack A.

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Building Blocks for Marketing Documents   (PDF)

Massa explains several features common to most technical marketing documents.

Massa, Jack A. Intercom (2002). Articles>Writing>Marketing


Building the Treasure House: Creating Knowledge Bases on the World-Wide Web   (PDF)

Web knowledge bases offer an excellent platform for delivering technical documentation and customer support information. They also represent an area of great opportunity for technical communicators to expand their skills, satisfy their customers, and create value for their employers or clients. This session explores the components of a web knowledge base and the tasks involved in planning and building one.

Massa, Jack A. STC Proceedings (1998). Articles>Documentation>Online>Web Design


Marketing Yourself as a Marketing Writer   (PDF)

Technical communication consultants may find that marketing writing makes an excellent second line of business. Technology companies, marketing services firms, and advertising agencies often use freelancers to write marketing documents. They particularly need good writers who understand technology. This paper discusses the business of freelance marketing writing and how it differs from independent technical writing. Topics include the kinds of projects that marketing writers work on, how development cycles typically differ from those of technical documents, and how to effectively market yourself as a marketing writer.

Massa, Jack A. STC Proceedings (2002). Careers>Collaboration>Marketing>Business Communication


Searching for the Best Mix of Paper and Online Documentation: Two Case Studies   (PDF)

As online help has evolved from simple field descriptions to a fully capable hypertext medium designers of software documentation have been faced with determining the best mix of paper and online. Which information goes in which medium? How much, if any, should be repeated in both? This paper describes two case studies in which hcumentation teams addressed these issues while redesigning their information sets. By the end of both projects, the documentation was streamlined redundancy between pn‚ÄĚntand online was reduce4 and the majority of the information was presented online.

Massa, Jack A. STC Proceedings (1997). Presentations>Documentation>Online

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