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The $250 Question

STC membership has declined over the years. Yearly membership fees sharply increased several years ago, and fewer employers pay for membership in professional organizations. Folks question the yearly membership fees. “What do I get for $250 a year? Webinars that I have to pay for and two magazines.”

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2013). Articles>TC


Career Advice for Technical Writers

Peggy Harvey (2010-2011 chapter membership manager and treasurer) recently learned some invaluable lessons on her quest for a new job opportunity. She shares her experiences in this interview.

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2011). Careers>Advice>Interviews


Career Advice for Technical Writers

For future job seekers: Always be prepared. In today’s day and age a layoff can happen to anyone, no matter how secure you may think your job is. That doesn’t mean you should walk around with a cloud of doom over your head but it does mean you should be aware and somewhat prepared if it does. Keep your resume up-to-date and make note of milestones and accomplishments in your current job.

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2011). Careers>Advice>Technical Writing


Creating PDF files from DITA Content   (PDF)

The DITA OpenToolkit (DITA OT) provides a way to produce multiple outputs, including Portable Document Format (PDF) files; however, the technology for creating PDF files is limited, and modifying the formatting is challenging. This paper explains the alternatives and trade-offs for each method and helps demystify the decision process.

Loring, Sheila and David James Kelly. Scriptorium (2009). Articles>Information Design>DITA>Adobe Acrobat


Expand Your Social Circle in 2014

Some claims might sound exaggerated, similar to those of a televangelist or cult leader.

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2013). Articles>Social Networking>Volunteering


Review: FrameMaker 9 Review   (PDF)

FrameMaker users are buzzing about FrameMaker 9. With CMYK support, CMS integration, DITA 1.1, and PDF commenting, this version is full of new functionality but is unfortunately also buggy and inconsistent. This review covers the most important new features of FrameMaker 9.

Loring, Sheila. Scriptorium (2009). Articles>Reviews>Document Design>Adobe FrameMaker


Help Steer the Ship

I cannot imagine my life without the STC Carolina chapter. Yes, I'm given to hyperbole, but this is not an exaggeration. From newsletter editor to president, chapter volunteer opportunities have given me the chance to meet many smart, kind, passionate technical communicators whom I otherwise wouldn't have met. Their enthusiasm for the profession is inspiring. To read more about my journey, visit What I've Learned as a Member of the STC.

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2016). Organizations>STC


How Do You Manage Your RSS Feeds?

Some feeds are only skim worthy, while others I read word-for-word. Still, 90 feeds is really more than I can realistically keep up with. The question of which feeds to unsubscribe from plagues me. How long does one subscribe to a feed before deciding it's not worthwhile?

Loring, Sheila. Scriptorium (2009). Articles>Information Design>XML>RSS


Introduction to the oXygen 11 XML Editor

I want to introduce you to authoring the oXygen XML editor. This article focuses on Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) support.

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2010). Articles>Software>DITA>XML


Letter to a Young Writer

With the influx of summer interns, I've been considering the best way to train a budding technical writer. What essential principles must a new writer grasp to be successful? And how can I provide a valuable learning experience while getting my own work done? The Carolina Communique first came to mind. Some of the best writers and editors in our field have been providing sage advice for over a decade.

Loring, Sheila. Carolina Communique (2014). Articles>Writing>Technical Writing>Advice


Top Ten List: Grammar and Usage Errors

In response to popular demand (by Carolina Communiqué’s new editor-in-chief, Sheila Loring), and with input from members of the Technical Editing SIG, I’ve compiled a list of ten grammar and usage errors sometimes seen in technical communication. Avoid these errors to improve clarity and simplify the job of the reader—and the translator.

Loring, Sheila. Corrigo (2011). Articles>Editing>Grammar


What I've Learned as a Member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC)

In all, my experiences volunteering in the STC Carolina chapter have been very rewarding. I recommend dipping your toes in the water and trying something out. Email or call someone on the administrative council and ask what needs to be done. Start small. You might be surprised at the return on investment.

Loring, Sheila. Scriptorium (2009). Articles>Advice>Community Building>STC

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