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Call for Backup! Concept and Reference Topics in DITA

What do concept topics do? They support task topics in that they give the user additional information that he or she needs to know before starting a task or in order to help them complete the task.

Logan, Lisa. Carolina Communique (2014). Reference>Technology>DITA>Technical Writing


New Challenge: Learning DITA. “I DITA know that!”

Tech writing has evolved into something quite different from what it was ten years ago when I first contemplated entering the field. It used to be that an English major and mastery of a style guide was enough to land a tech writing job, but these days employers are looking for technical expertise to go along with good writing and editing. I perused many of the job listings and found that knowledge of structured authoring and DITA are top preferences among employers in the technical writing field. So that’s why I set about to write a series of brief articles explaining what I’ve learned about DITA and how much I need to know in order to land a tech writing job.

Logan, Lisa. Carolina Communique (2014). Articles>Technology>Technical Writing>DITA


A Tisket A-Tasket: Task Topics in DITA

This article offers the reader a basic understanding of what a task topic is along with a few tips on how to write an effective task topic. Task topics are one of three topic types in DITA.

Logan, Lisa. Carolina Communique (2014). Articles>Technology>DITA>Technical Writing


Why You Need the Advanced DITA Workshop

If you’ve been looking for a job lately, you’ve probably noticed many employers are requiring experience in DITA and topic-based authoring. Being a technical writer without knowledge of DITA is like being a wallflower at the dance. Don’t wilt on the sidelines and watch your colleagues pass you in the fast lane to higher paying jobs.

Logan, Lisa. Carolina Communique (2016). Articles>Technology>DITA>Technical Writing

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