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Lemson, K.C.

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The History of Attachment Security in Outlook, Part 1

A partial history of why Outlook has so, so many viruses communicated using it, and how people at Microsoft thought to try and stop it. A study of why minor patches can't repair major architecture issues.

Lemson, K.C. KC on Exchange and Outlook (2008). Articles>Software>Email>Security


How to Get Someone to Answer Your Questions

Send the mail to the person or group of people, but rather than asking the question, state what you know is the wrong answer. “I think the way it works is Foo, right Bob?” You'll be amazed at how quickly someone will take the time to correct you, particularly if the question was aimed at more than one person, since it's an opportunity for that person to prove their knowledge in front of others (which is just human nature).

Lemson, K.C. KC on Exchange and Outlook (2008). Articles>Collaboration>SMEs

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