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Battle of the Wizards: Dojo Vs. Microsoft

Two wizards are compared. One client script from DOJO and the other server component from Microsoft. Both fo them work exceedingly well in IE 7.0. Dojo wizard looks smashing.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. DevShed (2007). Articles>Computing>Programming>JavaScript


Building a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Package Using Visual Studio 2005

A comprehensive start from scratch and step-by-step approach to learn this important procedure. This illustrated article is your guide to SSIS designing.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2006). Articles>Information Design>Web Design>SQL


Creating a Web Service with Web Matrix

The Web Matrix project appears to have served as a test bed in the development of ASP.NET. This freebie attracted a lot of attention since it did not require an installation of IIS. It had its own http server whenever needed. Of course, one could use it also in the presence of an installed IIS. This tutorial is about creating a web service on Web Matrix and testing the service on the built in mini web server, as well as testing a second example on the IIS 5.1 on the local machine.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Dev Articles (2006). Design>Web Design>Server Side Includes>ASP


Data Pager Control [.NET Framework 3.5] in Visual Studio 2008

When query results exceed the display area then you resort to scrolling and wish you had some way to limit the number of results displayed and comfortable to view without scrolling. Paging functionality which provides an answer to this is therefore a much desired feature. The Data Pager Control in Visual Studio 2008 provides this functionality when you create an ASP.NET web form under .NET Framework 3.5. It can be configured automatically using the GUI, or it can be installed manually after installing the ListView. In this article both of them are described. While the number of items displayed in a list can be declaratively coded, it is possible to set it at page load time as well.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2008). Articles>Web Design>Databases


Deployment of the MobiLink Synchronization Model Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10

This builds on the previous article, 'MobiLink Synchronization Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10.' The new Deployment Wizard in SQL Anywhere Server 10.0 makes it painless to deploy the model, a task which was script based and terse.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. DevShed (2006). Articles>Computing>Databases>SQL


Displaying ADO Retrieved Data with XML Islands

An XML data island is a piece of well-formed XML embedded into an HTML file. This article will show you how to retrieve data in an XML format from a database using ADO; you will also learn how to bind this data into an HTML document.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Dev Articles (2006). Articles>Information Design>XML>XHTML


Generating and Hosting a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio

A step-by-step must read article on SQL 2005 Reporting Services which creates a report and hosts it on an intranet server.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


jQuery Embedded in Dojo Accordion Panes

We will experiment embedding jQuery in DOJO 123's Accordion widget and try to identify if there exists any cross-code interactions. The code is also tested for cross-browser suitability.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Design>Web Design>DHTML>JavaScript


JSON Basics

These are the golden days of JavaScript, which was warily used in the not too distant past because of the browser wars (still being waged). With enhancements to JavaScript in recent years and the advent of AJAX, interest in Javascript has taken a new turn, a turn for the better. Early on with AJAX it was recognized that there was a contender for XML for handling data which was stable, faster, and portable. This was the beginning of JSON. This article gives you a good explanation.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. DevShed (2007). Academic>Computing>Ajax>JavaScript


Leveraging AJAX and JSON using Dojo Tool Kit

This article shows how AJAX calls are made using the JavaScript extensions developed by the Dojo foundation to retrieve data using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)and displaying the results on the browser.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2007). Articles>Computing>Web Design>JavaScript


Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Installation Made Easy

The article discusses the precaution thta one can take in installing the Microsoft SQL 2008 Sever (Developer Edition). Links to downloading a sample database with how-to note is also provided. Some of the initial problem solving in cleaning up the .NET miscellanea is discussed in this blog at : http://hodentek.blogspot.com/2008/01/you-were-cleaning-up-net-framework.html

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2008). Articles>Software>Databases>SQL


Microsoft Word 2007's Mail Merge with a SQL Anywhere 10 Database

SQL Anywhere 10 database and Microsoft Word 2007 are the latest software from the respective companies. This step-by-step tutorial not only shows how you can merge a mail document from customer information in a Sql Anywhere 10 database, it also shows how you may work with the database. If you are a office worker using 'Office' products this is a must article for you.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. OfficeUsers.org (2007). (Afrikaans) Articles>Software>Databases>SQL


Migrating from MS SQL Server 2008 to EnterpriseDB

With many database vendor products in the market and data intensive applications using them, it is often required to port the application to use the data or, migrate the data so that the application can use it. Migration of data is therefore one of the realities of the IT Industry. Some of the author's previous articles on migration can be found at the link.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


MobiLink Synchronization Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10

MobiLink is a technology that can help multiple databases synchronized, a key requirement for mobile access to data. The article shows you how to create a model that can be deployed to access data on a SLQ 2005 Server remotely with a SQL Anyhwhere database. A forth coming article descibes the deployment details.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASP Free (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Programmatically Creating SSRS Report in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The process of programmatically creating the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) tabular report is described. You will be creating a very simple report using the provided code. The approach is to introduce the programming by creating the three parts of a report: connection, dataset, and layout. Excerpt from the book, "Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.'

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Articles>Information Design>Databases>Reports


Querying Databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

This hands-on tutorial should help you in understanding the interface available for querying MS SQL Server 2005 databases. Some of the major features will be discussed as related to their use rather than going into a lot of details. Querying the database is one of the most basic activities that is routinely and frequently performed.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASP Free (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Retrieving Data on a SQL Anywhere Server Using AJAX

The article shows how an AJAX call can be made to a resource on the SQL Anywhere Server using stored procedures and web services.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Ajax World (2008). Articles>Web Design>Databases>Ajax


Review: SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio

Beginners Guide to SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio 2005 provides you with the basic knowledge that you should have before you move on to more advanced ETL [Extraction, Transformation, and Loading]. The book will also provide you with a comprehensive description of the many designer windows that you may encounter while working with the designer. This guide provides the building blocks describing each block by way of an example as well as describing the nuts and bolts that bind the blocks. A majority of SSIS tasks are covered in this book and they are described fully in the summary of table contents section. You start building packages right from Chapter 2 and continue on to Chapter 20 gathering and building upon your knowledge in each step.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2007). Articles>Reviews>Databases>SQL


Transferring a Table in a MS Access 2003 Database to PostGres Using SQL Server Integration Services   (members only)

Describes the use of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services to transfer a table from MS Access 2003 to Postgres on EnterpriseDB. Some of the problems are discussed.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. SSWUG (2009). Articles>Information Design>Databases>Microsoft Access


VB.NET Application with SQL Anywhere 10 Database

This article by Jayaram Krishnswamy shows how you can develop a VB.NET 2.0 application using the integration features provided by the SQL Anywhere database. The SQL Anywhere tools are directly accessible without going out of the Visual Studio 2.O IDE. The article describes a window application with two examples developed with this easy to use integration interface.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Anywhere 11 Integration

Describes how Panorma (now SQL Anywhere 11) is installed as well as the integration features with .NET Framework.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Hodentek (2008). Articles>Web Design>Databases


Web Enabling Data on a SQL Anywhere Server using a Native Web Service

Exposing server data to intranet/internet, an attractive and much needed method has become possible due to the native web services, services that can be created on the database itself to which HTTP or Soap requests can be made. SQL Anywhere server, even in version 9.0 [present version SQL Anywhere 10] possessed this built-in capability of being able to expose data on the database server to HTTP requests.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Code Project, The (2008). Articles>Documentation>Databases>SQL


The Why and How of XML Data Islands

This article explains a useful way to embed data in an HTML document, and store it on the client, using XML. With XML becoming ever more pervasive and the client side implementation gaining a lot of ground, you will probably find yourself using this technique in many projects.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Dev Articles (2006). Design>Web Design>Information Design>XML


Windows Presentation Foundation Project - Basics of Working

The tutorial introduces the reader accustomed to working with the traditional graphic user interface in earlier versions of VB to Windows Presentation Foundation. Importantly, it introduces the reader to the XAML's declarative format and what it means in the design interface of VS 2008. WPF can do a great deal more than what is described in this article. The power of markup extensions such as declarative binding, dynamic resource, template binding and many others are not discussed. It is hoped that the reader will be up and running WPF projects based on his previous experience after reading this article.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2008). Design>Presentations>Information Design>Microsoft Windows


Working With External Text Files in Microsoft Access 2007

Step-by-step procedure explained with a large number of screen shots. Both linking and importing are described.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. OfficeUsers.org (2007). Articles>Software>Databases>Microsoft Access



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