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#cw09 and When I Saw the Point/Power/Danger of Twitter

While I was sitting there during this presentation being frustrated and not that impressed, I logged into #cw09 on Twitter and was able to see that there was a whole back-channel discussion going on about the presentation, and I was not alone in my frustration. If you were there and you were following #cw09 on Twitter, a whole new dimension to that talk opened up– not the one Ganley intended for sure, but a new dimension of resistance and reaction and occasional snarkiness nonetheless.

Krause, Steven D. StevenDKrause.com (2009). Articles>Presentations>Social Networking>Ethics


How To Do HTML

This site explains how to make basic web pages with plain old Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML.

Krause, Steven D. Eastern Michigan University (2001). Design>Web Design>Standards>HTML


The Immediacy of Rhetoric: Definitions, Illustrations, and Implications

Because of its complexity, 'kairos' is frequently explained in relation to other key terms of time and place.

Krause, Steven D. Eastern Michigan University (1996). Books>Rhetoric


Where Do I List This on My CV? Considering the Values of Self-Published Web Sites   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

This essay explores the question: 'Given the high value that most institutions put on scholarship that appears in refereed journals or in books produced by well-respected presses, how are innovative, intellectually valuable, well-researched, self-published Web sites to be counted in the processes of promotion, merit, tenure, review, and recognition?'

Krause, Steven D. CCC (2003). Careers>Academic>Quality


Writing for the World Wide Web

This is a course about writing and the World Wide Web in at least two different and related ways. First, we will be reading, 'browsing,' and writing about the World Wide Web in order to understand how the web works rhetorically. Second, we will be creating web sites that are good examples of effective web sites.

Krause, Steven D. Eastern Michigan University (2005). Academic>Course Materials>Web Design>Writing


Writing in the Professional World

This is the homepage for Steven D. Krause's Winter 2005 section of English 323: Writing in the Professional World.

Krause, Steven D. Eastern Michigan University (2005). Academic>Courses>Business Communication


Writing Research Theory and Practice

This course has two related goals. First, the course is an introduction to some of the theoretical and practical approaches to research taken by scholars in composition and rhetoric. Second, the course is designed to help prepare students to write a project proposal which will in turn help them as they begin work on their MA thesis or writing project.

Krause, Steven D. Eastern Michigan University (2005). Academic>Courses>Research

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