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Krause, Brian R.

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Adducive: Articles about User Interface Design

Tips and articles on software user interface design, including handheld, speech recognition, desktop, and web-based software, with a focus on the software development process and issues in internationalization. The site also describes services offered and my approach to user interface design.

Krause, Brian R. Adducive.com (1998). Design>User Interface>Software


The Confidence Game

How does a user interface designer know that a given design will work? How does anybody develop enough confidence in a design to move it toward the real world? The methods designers use to evaluate user interfaces require training and experience. But the people who need to hire designers are unlikely to have those skills. How do the people who are paying the bills know they are getting good answers?

Krause, Brian R. Boxes and Arrows (2004). Design>User Interface>User Centered Design


Getting Creative With Specs: Usable Software Specifications

Building architects don’t have to think much about what the actual deliverables are to contractors and their clients, because their industry has traditions and standards for blueprints, balsa wood models, and computer-generated renderings. As user interface consultants, we have to think about this anew for every project.

Krause, Brian R. Boxes and Arrows (2003). Articles>Project Management>Standards


Ten Quotable Moments: Challenges and Responses for User Interface Designers

The following ten things have been said by actual clients and represent common and very human reactions to a new wrinkle in the process of building software: design. By gathering these comments in one place and sharing them widely, it becomes easier to recognize them, so we can keep our calm and contribute to effective software teams.

Krause, Brian R. Boxes and Arrows (2003). Design>User Interface>Usability

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