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Adjust Your Documentation Plan for .NET   (members only)

Developing in the .NET environment requires internal documentation changes. Learn how to adjust your documentation plan so that it encompasses additional elements, such as the needs of mobile users.

Kelly, William T. TechRepublic (2003). Articles>Documentation>Server Side Includes


Five Keys to a Successful Remote Writing Project

I’ve been on my fair share of remote writing projects, including technical writing, contributing to books and writing for publications. Working on such projects and hearing from clients and colleagues about successful (and less so) remote writing projects, I’ve come to see that actions of both the writer and the client can influence the outcomes.

Kelly, William T. Web Worker Daily (2010). Articles>Writing>Telecommuting


Google Wave: What’s It For?

I recently wrapped up my first project with a client where we used Google Wave for document collaboration and wrote about the lessons I learned along the way. In this post I am going to look forward to some of the tasks that I see Wave being used for.

Kelly, William T. Web Worker Daily (2010). Articles>Collaboration>Social Networking>Online


The Hidden Relationship Between Project Managers and Technical Writers   (members only)

Want to know the secret to better quality documentation and improved software design? Will Kelly outlines how the key is an effective relationship between project managers and technical writers.

Kelly, William T. TechRepublic (2003). Articles>Collaboration>Project Management>Technical Writing


How Google Wave Can Drown Technical Writers

The impending launch of Google Wave is something for every technical writer to watch. Because if they have been doing their job the same way from day one, then Google Wave's undertow is going to pull them down into the surf. However, if they are embracing online collaborations tools, instant messaging, and related technologies then they are going to think Google Wave is game changer for technical communications because it offers a new range of communications and collaborations options.

Kelly, William T. TypePad.com (2009). Articles>Writing>Technical Writing>Social Networking


Implementing a Successful Corporate Microblogging Strategy

It can be very difficult to get an organization to accept corporate microblogging as a means of facilitating closer collaboration. However, while I am the first to say that changing an organization’s communications model can be a challenge, it’s not impossible. You and your team might be looking to a corporate microblogging platform to resolve some sort of communications issue. In this post we are going to take a look at how you can implement corporate microblogging for maximum benefit.

Kelly, William T. Web Worker Daily (2009). Articles>Business Communication>Social Networking>Blogging


Leaving Technical Writing

It's time to turn out the lights. I've had a great run as a technical writer and consultant but it's time to leave the profession. In some ways I've long outgrown technical writing because client needs as a consultant challenged me and pushed me to become more than just a technical writer.

Kelly, William T. Typepad.com (2008). Careers>Writing>Technical Writing


Strategies When Hiring a Technical Writer   (members only)

This article offers tips for project and development managers hiring a technical writer to document a software development project.

Kelly, William T. TechRepublic (2003). Careers>Management>Writing>Technical Writing


Tips for Documenting an XML DTD   (members only)

XML-based development projects often require the development of a Document Type Definition (DTD), which defines the XML code used in an XML document or application. Even if you are customizing an existing DTD like the DocBook DTD, documenting the DTD is a best practice for a number of reasons, including:Providing documentation

Kelly, William T. TechRepublic (2003). Articles>Documentation>Programming>XML

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