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Apps vs. the Web

Pull the iPhone out of your pocket and look at the home screen. Likely, you’re seeing some well known brands on the web: Facebook, Flickr, and Google to name just a few. You’ll also see companies like Amazon, Target, and Walmart which sell a lot of products via the web. Like you, these sites and companies know how to build an effective website using the latest and greatest web technologies. The iPhone’s Safari browser also supports HTML5 markup with CSS3 styling and is powered by a fast JavaScript engine. So why is there a proliferation of apps instead of web pages that can do the same thing?

Hockenberry, Craig. List Apart, A (2010). Articles>Web Design>Mobile>User Interface


Put Your Content in My Pocket

The iPhone includes a sophisticated new Safari browser. This version is touted as 'the most advanced web browser on a portable device' and from what I've seen, it deserves this accolade. So what does this mean for you? Millions of visitors accessing your content on a small display with very high resolution. At some point in the near future, you're going to want to take a look at your current site design to make sure that it looks good and works well on this new device and its Mobile Safari browser.

Hockenberry, Craig. List Apart, A (2007). Design>Web Design>Mobile>CSS


Put Your Content in my Pocket, Part II

Mobile Safari--unlike other browsers--does not maintain a constant size for content viewing. Because of the small screen, the content area is constantly adjusted to maximize the space available for the task at hand.

Hockenberry, Craig. List Apart, A (2007). Design>Web Design>Mobile>Web Browsers

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