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Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server and Access to MySQL

In this article I will cover the basics of migrating an application from an Access or SQL Server database to MySQL. We'll start with various reasons why you should (or should not) migrate your existing Access or SQL Server database to MySQL, then cover the planning stages of an application migration. Next we will look at the tools and methods for migrating your actual data from Access/MSSQL to MySQL, followed by some general guidelines for modifying your client application from a Microsoft database to MySQL. Finally, we'll look at some considerations to make when deploying your new MySQL database and application.

Hillyer, Mike. MySQL (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Securing a MySQL Server on Windows

Windows servers can be difficulty to keep secure. The intent of this article is to list the steps that an administrator can take to properly secure a MySQL installation on Windows. While the procedures listed are written for Windows users, the principles contained herein will be of benefit to users of Linux and Unix as well.

Hillyer, Mike. MySQL (2005). Design>Information Design>Security>SQL



An online resource for people developing database-driven web applications using Visual Basic and MySQL.

Hillyer, Mike. VBMySQL.com (2005). Articles>Web Design>Databases>SQL

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