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The Atom API: Publishing Web Content with XML and HTTP

The Atom API is an emerging interface for editing content. The interface is RESTful and uses XML and HTTP to define an editing scheme that's easy to implement and extend. History, basic operation, and applications to areas outside weblogs will be covered.

Gregorio, Joe. IDEAlliance (2004). Articles>Web Design>Metadata>RSS


Doing HTTP Caching Right: Introducing httplib2

In the latest installment of Joe Gregorio's The Restful Web column Joe goes a bit nuts, presenting httplib2, a Python HTTP client library written with the goal of doing caching in HTTP right.

Gregorio, Joe. XML.com (2006). Articles>Web Design>Server Side Includes>Python


httplib2: HTTP Persistence and Authentication

In this latest Restful Web column, Joe Gregorio explains HTTP persistent connections, pipelining, and the sad state of HTTP authentication.

Gregorio, Joe. XML.com (2006). Articles>Web Design>XML>Security


Implementing the Atom Publishing Protocol

Joe Gregorio's latest Restful Web column implements the Atom Publishing Protocol as a Python web service using WSGI.

Gregorio, Joe. XML.com (2006). Articles>Information Design>XML>RSS

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