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Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'

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Are You a Craftsperson or an Entrepreneur?   (PDF)

Discusses Michael E. Gerber's The E-Myth Revisited, a book that has led her to rethink her business and her approach to some key tasks.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2007). Careers>TC


Branding Your Company   (PDF)

Branding dates back to ancient times and can be an aspect of every field. Not only does branding provide clients with a sense of professionalism and reliability, it can also help define your company.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2008). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing


Business Plans Build Good Business   (PDF)

Developing a business plan—without it, your independent practice will flounder.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2004). Careers>Management>Planning>Business Communication


Entrepreneurs and the 'F' Word   (PDF)   (members only)

Since most employees-turned-entrepreneurs have little formal training in finance, they may be less than confident about how to ensure that their finances are in order. Frick shares some of her experiences in learning how to manage her finances for her business.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2007). Careers>Management>Financial


Flexing Your Marketing Muscles: Tactics for the Reluctant Marketer   (PDF)

I don’t like to market myself. Sometimes I think, 'Heck, I’m good at what I do. I've been doing this for thirty years. Why don’t people come to me?' Then I get over it, consult my marketing plan, and get on with it. (See my previous column, 'Building a Marketing Plan,' in the May 2004 issue of Intercom.) I don't like to market my services, but I like to have marketedmy services. And I keep one thought foremost in the process: 'Marketing is like swimming: If you stop, you sink!'

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing


The Goal Is to Get it Right, Not to Be Right   (PDF)   (members only)

Outlines various ways to reflect on your mistakes and use what you learn to improve your business. By admitting these mistakes, you avoid repeating them.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2010). Careers>Management>Advice


Independents' Success Depends on Business Skills   (PDF)

I went independent in 1990 as a technical writer/instructional designer, and I now teach technical writing in corporations. My business has grown steadily, albeit slowly, in these thirteen years. I learned quickly that independents are businesses first and technical communicators second. Our work may feed our souls and pay the bills today, but if we ignore business matters, our practices will ultimately fail. It is not enough to be 'technically' smart— independents must be savvy in business to succeed in any economy.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2003). Careers>Consulting>TC


The Power of Groups: Support for the Independent Consultant or Contractor   (members only)

The working style of an independent consultant (writer, editor, desktop publisher) is often a paradox. By choosing to remain self-employed rather than seeking “captive” employment in a company, we demonstrate our need and desire for autonomy. However, we still crave interaction with others, and many of us seek out groups, both existing and self-formed.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2010). Careers>Consulting>Collaboration


Style Manuals: The Politics of Selection   (PDF)   (members only)

Bette Frick and Betsy Frick discuss how a style manual can save time and money, how to select the proper style manual and get buy-in, and how to create a style guide to use in conjunction with a style manual.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette' and Elizabeth A. 'Betsy' Frick. Intercom (2009). Articles>Writing>Style Guides>Standards


"Telescoping" to Survive This Recession   (PDF)   (members only)

“Telescoping,” or extending and adding to the range of services you provide, is one way to survive this recession, according to Frick.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2009). Careers>TC>Advice


The Zen of Craigslist   (PDF)

During a recent move, the author not only acquired and sold many items via Craigslist (www.craigslist.com), but gained insights about herself as well as running her business.

Frick, Elizabeth G. 'Bette'. Intercom (2006). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing>Online

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