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Faure, MacKenzie, Amey Celoria and Cecilia Kullberg

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Architecting a Tradeshow Booth: A New Job for the Technical Communicator   (PDF)

Can a technical communicator step in and create a striking booth to attract attendees and successfully market a company? You bet – it is easier than it looks. Designing a tradeshow booth is a fun exploration of a communicator’s talents in design, organization, and writing. And if you dare to add some creativity to your talents, success comes automatically.

Faure, MacKenzie, Amey Celoria and Cecilia Kullberg. STC Proceedings (1998). Design>Information Design>Marketing


Using a WWW Development Design Document to Create a Comprehensive Web Site   (PDF)

Technical Communicators are eminently qualified for Web publishing as it is a natural extension of our writing abilities. However, we must be careful to avoid the pitfalls of Web publishing and contribute to the host of glamorous Web sites that lack content, are difficult to navigate, and do not satisfy the ultimate goals of the organization or institution the site represents. One proven technique for planning and implementing a Web site is the creation of a WWW Development Design Document. By championing the development of this document, communicators return to their knowledge roots of organization and writing.

Faure, MacKenzie, Amey Celoria and Cecilia Kullberg. STC Proceedings (1998). Articles>Web Design>Style Guides

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