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Barriers to DITA Adoption

As an independent consultant working mainly with small businesses I find that my clients are reluctant to commit to DITA for a number of reasons. As DITA authoring tools become more user-friendly and more readily available some of these barriers will begin to fade. But in general terms, the more DITA tools that become available, and the easier they become to use, the better for everyone.

Farbey, David. Blockhead Blog, The (2009). Articles>Information Design>XML>DITA


Does the STC Deserve to Survive?

Recently, I have begun to feel that there is not much value left in STC as it stands today, and it is in need of a radical overhaul in order to survive. I believe that outside the rarefied atmosphere of the STC Board and Head Office, this view is widely shared.

Farbey, David. Blockhead Blog, The (2009). Articles>TC>Community Building>STC


Don’t be Normal!

Microsoft Word is great many kinds of documents, but it isn’t suitable for everything. If you do find yourself using Microsoft Word there are a few things you do well to look out for. Two of those things are called “Normal”, and my advice is to stay away from both of them.

Farbey, David. DavidFarbey.co.uk (2010). Articles>Word Processing>Style Sheets>Microsoft Word


The Special Role of the Technical Communicator in the Small or Startup Software Company   (Word)

I decided to present an Idea Market session on the role of the technical communicator in a startup company because that was exactly the role I had recently taken on. In my previous experience as a technical writer I had worked in established companies as part of a team of writers. The questions that I brought to the Idea Market were the questions that I had had to face. This paper summarises the discussion that took place during my Idea Market session at Forum 2000, but begins with a brief report of the informal survey I conducted as part of my research before the conference.

Farbey, David. Tripod.com (2000). Careers>TC>Software


Survey of Technical Writers in Small and Startup Software Companies

As part of my research for a presentation at the Forum 2000 Conference in June 2000, I conducted a survey of writers at small and startup software companies. The subject of the survey is the writer's perception of his or her role at a small or startup company. The survey also collected a small amount of factual data about the writer's place of work. I announced my survey on a number of technical writing mailing lists, probably reaching an audience of some 5,000 subscribers. Over 100 writers asked for the questionnaire, and 78 writers submitted replies.

Farbey, David. Tripod.com (2000). Articles>Research>Workplace


Technical Writer Career Information   (Word)

A brief handout about what a technical writer does, prepared for a school careers fair.

Farbey, David. Tripod.com (2002). Careers>Advice


Technical Writer Career Information

What does a technical writer do? A technical writer prepares information that helps users.

Farbey, David. ISTC (2002). Careers>Writing>Technical Writing

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