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Introduction to RSS

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML format for news headlines. With RSS-enabled feeds, other web sites can easily include your content in their sites. And other applications (besides web browsers) can be used to view your content.

Duffy, Scott. XGuru (2003). Articles>Web Design>XML>RSS


Introduction to XHTML

Most people have heard of HTML - the language of the web. Far fewer have heard of XHTML. Believe it or not, HTML is dead and XHTML is here to take its place. This article goes through XHTML in technical detail, and points out the key differences between it and traditional HTML.

Duffy, Scott. XGuru (2003). Design>Web Design>XHTML


Microsoft Content Management Server

This document takes a look at the business reasons for implementing a content management system inside a corporate environment, and how Microsoft Content Management Server can be leveraged to provide low-cost and rapid development of a content management solution.

Duffy, Scott. XGuru (2002). Articles>Content Management


The Organized Web

This document discusses the evolution of the Internet from an unorganized collection of web pages to an organized collection of data. It outlines how XML is at the center of that transformation, and how organizations can take advantage of this evolution with the development of web based services.

Duffy, Scott. XGuru (2001). Articles>Web Design>Information Design>XML


The XML Basics

XML was designed to be multi-lingual. Therefore, one is not restricted to only 7-bit ASCII characters when creating XML documents. Document authors can use the 16-bit+ Unicode 2.1 standard as well. As long as a mapping exists between the various DTDs for a particular international data file, one application could process data from many different languages at once.

Duffy, Scott. XGuru (2003). Design>Information Design>XML

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