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Developing and Maintaining a Successful Web Site: How to Keep Visitors Coming Back   (PDF)

How do you develop and maintain a successful web site? What makes a person come back to one organization's web site, but not another's? Several key factors contribute to making a web site successful: defining the appropriate information and organizing it so it's easily found, assembling a well-rounded web team, developing a web style guide, choosing the appropriate tools, and maintaining the information on a regular basis.

Dimick, Sharlyn A., Thomas G. Acree, Leslie K. Gasser Jeffery T. Penka and Matthew K. Wise. STC Proceedings (1996). Design>Web Design>User Centered Design


Document Analysis, Modelling, and Markup   (PDF)

Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is an ISO standard for document publishing. SGML allows you to port your documentation from one plagorm to another easily. Another benefit is that SGML lets you write the information one time and use it in many places. After planning your SGML implementation, the first step in your implementation is to create a Document Type Definition( DTD). In order to create a DTD, you must complete several steps: identify project parameters, analyze your documents, model your document, convert your model to DTD mark up, and test your DTD.

Dimick, Sharlyn A. and Lori A. Stertzbach. STC Proceedings (1997). Articles>Information Design>SGML


Electronic Mentoring: Benefits and Rewards   (PDF)

Electronic mentoring uses e-mail to bring the academic and business communities together without the boundaries of geography or time. Through an electronic mentoring program professionals gain insights into the academic realm from students and educators as well as give students advice based upon their experiences as communicators in business. This paper is part of the 'Expand Your Learning Community: Electronic Mentoring' panel; it focuses on the benefits to businesses. knowledge?

Dimick, Sharlyn A. STC Proceedings (1996). Careers>Mentoring>Online


Four Tips for Professional Development   (PDF)

Discusses how technical communicators can keep themselves marketable at a time when technologies and work environments are rapidly changing.

Dimick, Sharlyn A. Intercom (2002). Careers>Education>Continuing


Researching and Planning For SGML: The Communicator’s Role   (PDF)

More and more publication departments are moving to Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) to develop and produce their publications. Implementing SGML is definitely not a trivial task. It requires a great deal of planning and research before the actual implementation can even begin. Communicators are key contributors to make the transition smooth and successful. After all, they are the ones that know the department 5 publications most intimately. What can communicators do to prepare and plan for SGML? This paper addresses the answer to that question.

Dimick, Sharlyn A. STC Proceedings (1996). Articles>Communication>SGML

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