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Dilger, Daniel Eran

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An Adobe Flash Developer on Why the iPad Can’t Use Flash

I’m biased. I’m a full-time Flash developer and I’d love to get paid to make Flash sites for iPad. I want that to make sense—but it doesn’t. Flash on the iPad will not (and should not) happen.

Dilger, Daniel Eran. Roughly Drafter (2010). Articles>Web Design>Mobile>Interaction Design


Lessons from the Death of HD-DVD

Over the last few months, HD-DVD appeared to rapidly fall from its apparent position as promising new disc format–touted by supporters as being technically superior, significantly cheaper, and less restrictive–down to a harsh new reality of scheduled death. However, the fate of HD-DVD wasn’t nearly as unpredictable as some seemed to think. Here’s why HD-DVD’s end should not have been a surprise, what lessons can be learned from its death, and what its demise means for Microsoft.

Dilger, Daniel Eran. RoughlyDrafted (2008). Articles>Multimedia>Standards>DVD


Why Apple is Betting on HTML 5: A Web History

To get an accurate picture of why HTML 5 matters and how its adoption will change the future of the web and software in general, you have to take a look at the squabbling drama of contention that HTML 5 is emerging from as industry rivals work to achieve a new level of consensus on how the web should work.

Dilger, Daniel Eran. AppleInsider (2009). Articles>Web Design>Standards>HTML5

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