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Communications from DMN

A weekly podcast for technical writers by a company called DMN Communications.

Davis, Aaron and Scott Nesbitt. DMN Communications. Resources>TC>Documentation>Podcasts


The Ears Have It (Notes)

Some people call it blogging out loud. Podcasting is a fairly easy and fairly inexpensive way of presenting your ideas and opinions. But podcasting is more than a platform for reviews or polemic. It's also a powerful tool within the enterprise for training, for marketing, and for documentation. Imagine being able to carry product information or supplementary material with you and not have to worry about stacks of paper? You can do that with a podcast.

Davis, Aaron and Scott Nesbitt. SlideShare (2008). Presentations>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


Think Simple: A Fresh Approach to User Assistance   (PDF)

Online help. User assistance. That thing that pops up when you press F1. No matter what you call it, user assistance is an important element in the experience of a user. It can mean the difference between a frustrated user and a productive one. But is today's user assistance all it can be? Are we giving users purposeful information at the right time, in the most effective format, and ultimately in the way that they need it? Unfortunately, no.

Davis, Aaron and Scott Nesbitt. DMN Communications (2009). Presentations>Documentation>Online>Help

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